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Here Is How You Can Revamp Your House Completely In Just 2,000 Rupees!

Bored of your house décor? Read how you can completely renovate your house in just 2,000 rupees!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -20 Aug 2021, 10:08 ISTUpdated -02 Jan 2022, 16:57 IST
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Renovating the house has become an insanely expensive affair. The mammoth amount of money that goes in just to make our house look new is the reason most of us have forced ourselves to get used to our badly decorated house. 

If you want to make your old and boring house look new and designer, this article is for you! The catch is, you will just require a sum of 2,000 rupees for the entire decor! Sounds exciting right? 

Read on to know how you can give your house a complete makeover in an amount as less as rupees 2,000! 

Carpet Your living Room And Add Sofa Cover(Rupees 700)

carpet design for living room

Image Credit: m.media-amazon

The first and foremost thing that highly paid interior designers do to make your house look new and expensive is change the flooring. That obviously will incur huge cost so you can simply use a carpet to cover your old and boring tiles! We suggest you place a carpet where your center table is. Do not cover the entire living room with carpet as that will emit winter vibes. With a new carpet in the living room, this is going to be the first thing people will notice about your house, a step towards cost-effective renovation! 

Apart from this, instead of changing the entire sofa, change the sofa cover. Match this cover to your carpet to add a spark to your living room! 

Paint Your Dining Table Chairs (Rupees 220)

paint living room chair

Image Credit: encrypted-tbn0.gstatic

The dining table is the largest piece of furniture at home, hence it is the first thing people notice when they get home. Changing the entire set, or even just the chairs is going to be very expensive. What you can do instead is buy good quality paints and paint your chairs the colour you wish to. If you feel scared, a lot of people paint their own walls, we are sure you can paint a chair! This is completely going to change the look of the dining table and make it look brand new! 

DIY Balcony Decor 

door in the balcony decor

Image Credit: homebnc

Have you always wanted a fancy balcony but could never muster up the money to pay for it? Here is your chance to add a decor punch to your balcony on your own! Take any cupboard that you are planning on removing from your house in the declutter process. Remove one door off it. Paint the door with the leftover paint and place this in your balcony. Grow a creeper and cover the door with it aesthetically. You can also add lights if you wish or just let it be as it is. This will add an extremely abstract, aesthetic and modern look to your balcony! 

Light Up Your Room With Fairy Lights (Rupees 180)

fairy lights in room

Image Credit: media-amazon

A very trendy yet inexpensive way of making your room look new is to make one wall a memory wall. Hang fairy lights on the wall horizontally and clip-on polaroid pictures of you and your loved ones! This will not only make your room look personalised but extremely cozy as well! 

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Design On The Wall(700)

Another simple way of adding a change is by placing canvas or any other piece of art on the wall. Or living room has a lot of empty walls that give it a boring and monotonous look. To break this monotony, add a vertical garden, artificial creepers, art frames or even a painting on the wall. This kind of a get-up will instantly make your house look sophisticated! 

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Add Plants In The Washroom (Rupees 200)

When redecorating the whole house, why leave the bathroom behind(read more on bathroom designs)? Place artificial plants near the basin in all the bathrooms to make them look fresh and new! 

We hope you found this article interesting! If you wish to read more such content, stay tuned to HerZindagi! 

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