Who doesn’t want to walk into a high-end-looking home, decorated with subtle art paintings or flowers? But home décor can be a very expensive affair if not done strategically; not all interior designing costs you thousands of bucks.  You can make some changes and add few less expensive things to achieve that similar high-end-looking décor. Here are some ideas on how you can do that on a budget without compromising the elegance of your home.

Paint Of Your House

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Choosing the right color palette or combination for the walls of your house can be a daunting task, but once it’s done correctly then the rest of the things fall into the place naturally. Some subtle sober colors instantly add that glamour quotient to your house. You either go with bright vibrant colors if that is what you like or choose soft and understated paints that will look sober.

It all depends on your taste, subtle colors add calmness and spiritual vibes whereas bright colors signify chirpiness and excitement.  You can even paint the back of your door in coordination with the color of your walls opt for light colors if your wall paints are bright and vice versa. This will give you that feeling of having an expensive interior without spending much.

Choose Your Cushions wisely

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Cushions, couches, and chairs in your home can push the elegance factor slightly high, you need to choose them according to the overall decoration of your house. If you do not have a budget for buying a whole new set of furniture then consider buying second-hand couches or chairs instead of cheap ones. Cheap furniture will fall apart in months whereas secondhand furniture will last for years. Always go for vintage quirky chairs and large cushions that are a perfect blend of comfort and look.

Curtains And Windows

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Decorating your windows is mostly budget-friendly that adds style and grace to your house along with the added privacy. Always go for the translucent material or films for the glasses of your windows, and paint the exteriors with colors that are contrasting to your walls. It gives that illusion of having big windows in a room or hall that look classy and expensive in-home decors. When it comes to curtains choose the one in cotton or linen material and opt for pastel colors and floral prints that instantly uplift the whole vibe of the house.

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Plants For Your Home

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Having plants in your house not only adds sophistication and elegance to your house but it good for your health too. Small pot in vibrant colors or complete white or transparent vases looks great while snake plant, money plants add value to your home décor.  Make some time to visit the nearest nursery around your house and get these plants for taking your interiors a notch up.

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Decorating Lights

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This goes without saying that having some elegant light pieces can change the overall looks of your house. Visit the flea markets and second-hand stores to get antique light pieces on budget, you can also paint your walls according to the lights to make your house look a million bucks.

We hope you would find these tips useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more. 

image courtesy: unsplash, pixabay