In summers using sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays is super important. But as a result of preventing your skin from getting harmed, we end up messing with our clothes sometimes.

It is very irritating to see those sunscreen stains on your favourite clothes or even other fabrics such as over the car seats, sofas, etc. These stains are not easily removable and don’t go off with a simple detergent wash.  So, if you too have clothes with sunscreen marks then read this article and find out how to remove them easily.

How To Clean Sunscreen Stains

how to remove sunscreen stains

If you have a greasy oily sunscreen stain on your clothing then follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, try scrapping out as much excess sunscreen you can from the spot. 
  • Then take a dry unused cloth piece, place it over the stain and try blotting it.
  • After that, take some baking soda(benefits of baking soda) or cornflour and sprinkle it over the stain, this will help in absorbing the extra oil that makes it greasy. Leave it on the stain for a few minutes and then scrub it off with a brush.
  • Prepare a solution of hot water with a strong laundry detergent, enough to soak in the clothing.
  • Then dip the cloth in the same water and carefully scrub the stained spot with the fabric itself.
  • Leave it in the water for at least 30 minutes.
  • Once that is done, rinse the cloth with hot water a few more times and let it dry.

For White Clothes

  • In the case of white clothes, you can repeat using cornflour to remove the oils from the stain. Then rub a lemon over it and let it dry. 
  • If your stain turns out to be tougher, then use a mild fabric bleach diluted with water, to help remove the stain completely. 
  • Do not try bleaching coloured clothes as it could result in discolouration. 

Tips To Avoid The Sunscreen Stains 


how to avoid sunscreen stains

  • To avoid stains, the best way is to get dressed after you’ve applied the sunscreen and let it get absorbed in the skin for about 15 minutes prior.
  • Avobenzone chemical is a compound found in most sunscreens and is responsible for stains and greasiness. Avoid using products that have it and your clothes will be all safe!
  • Further, you can also use gel based sunscreens(best non oily sunscreens) available in the market that are both effective and do not leave stains on clothes.

Some Fabrics That Catch Sunscreen Stains Easily

fabrics that get stained with sunscreen easily

There are certain fabrics that are more susceptible to catching sunscreen stains:

  • Cotton: Turns out to be one of the most wearable fabrics in summers, sunscreen stains on cotton can be removed using light acid like vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Synthetics: Synthetics are also likely to be stained by sunscreen, with them, the removal can be a little tough and you might have to work your way with dish soap or stronger substances to get rid of stains.
  • Wool: Even wool is likely to catch the hard sunscreen stain. But it can get completely ruined with the use of acids or detergents. So, it should be always be dry cleaned in order to get rid of such stains.
  • Silk: Made with natural fibres, this fabric must be treated very carefully for stains as it can get damaged easily. You can rinse the fabric immediately and wash it with light soap and detergents or for being on the safer side, get it dry cleaned.

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So, if you have clothes with sunscreen stains then try removing them with the above-mentioned tips. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.