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    Struggling To Remove Bad Luck From Your Life? Take Note Of Astro Remedies

    As per Astrology, it is the 9th house of your horoscope which rules your luck in life. 
    Updated at - 2022-12-21,17:31 IST
    astro remedies to remove bad luck

    Life isn't a smooth ride. It is full of ups and downs. However, there are times when we feel that things are just not working in our favour anymore, be it any aspect of our life. If you have been feeling so lately and blaming your luck for it all this while, you have landed on the right page. 

    Today, we will be talking about luck! According to Astrology, your birth horoscope can say a lot about your luck in life. As per our Astro expert, Sonia Malik, luck is majorly dependent on the 9th house of your horoscope.

    The House Of Luck In Horoscope

    According to Astrology, it is the 9th house in a horoscope which can tell you about your luck throughout your life. For those who don't know, the 9th house in the horoscope is ruled by Lord Jupiter or Brahaspati. Not only does the planet rule the 9th house but the 12th house too. 

    Good Luck And Bad Luck In A Horoscope

    good luck bad luck horoscope

    • If you have a strong Brahaspati as per your kundli or horoscope, you will have good luck all your life. 
    • Placement of the planets in the 9th and 12th house of your horoscope will play a key role in defining your luck. For instance, if a planet like Lord Shani is placed in a house which doesn't belong to them or they are moving backwards then it will bring bad luck for you. 
    • A planetary position is favourable for you only when they are in their own house or in a house ahead. 
    • The placement of Lord Sun also plays a key role in your luck. If the placement of the planet is strong then it brings great luck for you.

    Astrology Remedies To Remove Bad Luck From Life

    As aforementioned, planetary positions affect your luck in a big way. To prevent the negative effects of the planetary positions in your horoscope, you can do some simple Astrology remedies. 

    Please Lord Brahaspati With These Remedies

    Thursday is the day of Lord Brahaspati and all these remedies should be performed on that day for maximum benefit. 

    • Donate yellow coloured foods to the needy on this day. You can offer both raw and cooked foods. 
    • It is considered auspicious to perform a puja at the banana tree. You can also plant or donate a banana tree. 
    • Wearing a yellow thread around your neck is believed to be lucky. 
    • Carry yellow coloured clothes every Thursday to please Lord Brashapati. 
    • Always keep a haldi gaanth with you in your pocket. You can also wear it around your neck.

    Remedies To Boost Lord Sun

    If Lord Sun is by your side, things will always work in your favour. To strengthen Lord Sun in your horoscope, do the following remedies shared by our expert Sonia Malik

    horoscope for good luck

    • Offer jal to Lord Sun every day. Perform Surya pooja after taking a bath. 
    • Replace your water bottles with orange coloured bottles in the kitchen. 
    • Keep your water bottles in the sun for a few hours in the morning and then drink this sun charged water throughout the day. 
    • Donate masar or red daal to the needy. 
    • Respect your father, and spend time with him. You can also help someone who is a fatherly figure to you. 

    We hope these remedies help you bring back that good luck in your life and things begin to work in your favour going forward. Remember that these Astro remedies don't work in a day and you might have to follow them for a long period to get the desired results.

    If you have any questions related to your horoscope or luck then write to us on our Facebook page. For more such Astro remedies, stay tuned!



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