It is known by all that smoking is a bad habit but still people find it difficult to quit this habit. However, if you want to quit this harmful habit, then here are a few ways that might prove to be effective for you.


cut quit smoking

You need to have a personal and powerful reason to quit. It may be to protect your family or your health or to feel young. You have to choose a reason that is strong enough to keep you away from lighting up your cigarette.


When you immediately stop smoking, nicotine withdrawal may have side effects which might result in headaches, affect your mood and drain your energy. The craving for just one drag is surely tough.

One thing that might help is nicotine replacement therapy. Studies show that nicotine gum or patches improve your chances of success.

Talk To Your Loved Ones

friend quit smoking

Talk to your friends, family or people who are close to you about this. They might be able to help you to keep going, especially when you are tempted to take that one drag.

You can also join a support group or you can even talk to a a counsellor regarding this.

Keep Yourself Busy

busy quit smoking

Once you decide to quit smoking, you should keep yourself busy in things that interest you like painting, shopping, singing, etc. You should meet your friends, go to parties, go for a walk, etc. This will help you to be away from cigarette as it won't be theonly thing on your mind. 

Avoid Alcohol Or Other Triggers

alcohol quit smoking

Some people have a habit of smoking while drinking alcohol, coffee or tea. Therefore, you try to limit the intake of alcohol or caffeine before you try to quit smoking. If you usually find yourself smoking after meals, then you should brush your teeth, take a walk, talk to your friend or chew gum.

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Clean House

Once you are done smoking your last cigarette, then toss all your ashtrays and lighters. Wash all your clothes or anything that smells like smoke. Use air freshener to get rid of that smell. Clean any surface where you smoked so that you are not reminded of your smell.

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Keep Trying

keep going quit smoking

It takes time before you finally quit for good. If you light up your cigarette after trying for a long time, then you should try again. You should not give up until you finally succeed.

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