Daughter Won Everybody's Heart With Her Tweets Over Mom’s Remarriage

Recently, a girl shared pictures of her mother's second wedding in a tweet, which people are praising fiercely. 

Mahima Girotra
daughter tweets about mothers marriage

There is a saying that marriages always come from heaven. But don't know how many times these marriages break on the earth and its bad effect falls on the whole life of husband and wife. Some people start moving ahead in life by getting their second marriage and while some remain alone their whole life. Well, it is also said that love has no age.

When many people think of remarriage after breaking up a marriage, society starts turning against them. But have you ever seen that one mother's second is done by her own daughter? Yes, one such example came to the fore when the daughter got her married again in order to reunite her mother with her love.

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Who Is The Daughter?

Recently, a Twitter user @alphaw1fe posted a photo of her mother's second wedding ceremony on Twitter. She has also shared videos and pictures of her mother's Mehndi Ceremony on Twitter. She said on Twitter that her mother is getting married again after 15 years. It was a bit difficult for her as a daughter, but the daughter happily agreed and shared pictures of her mother's wedding rituals. Her post was praised by all Twitter users.

The daughter shared a photo of her mother's ring ceremony on Twitter, showing both of them exchanging rings. In this photo, you can see that she is looking happy looking at her daughter.

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First Marriage

The daughter told on Twitter that her mother was married at a very young age. Her first marriage took place when she was 17 years old. With whom her mother was married, he did not even pay her school fees and left both of them as soon as the daughter was 2 years old. Seeing this girl's post on Twitter, all Twitter users are praising the daughter who took such a big step for the mother. People also wrote that they are going to share this post with their mothers. Some users also congratulated her on her special day of marriage. Many people also praised her for taking the step of leaving the spoiled relationship and moving on.

In fact, this step taken by a daughter for a mother is commendable and inspires us to move forward while narrating a new definition of the mother-daughter relationship. If you liked this article, then do share it.

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