One of the hardest life decisions can be to make up your mind on who should you settle with. There can be endless doubts and confusions one needs to resolve before finally concluding. But the struggle doesn’t just end here. Once you make a final choice, the next step can turn out to be trickier, which is proposing the love of your life. 

Be it love marriage or an arrange one, formally proposing the special one can turn out to be difficult. Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Probably the best day to make the special occasion the most memorable one too. If you are planning to propose the love of your life on 14th February, here are some unique ways to do it! 

A Ring Cake Can Never Go Wrong

A Ring Cake Can Never Go Wrong 

If there is one thing almost every girl love, then it has to be a delicious dessert. What’s better than asking her out along with it. You can do two things: first, go for a cake that has been made in the shape of a wedding ring. Or, ask the baker to make a normal heart-shaped cake and hide a ring inside it. So, when he cuts the cake, the first thing that comes out is the ring. If you are going for the second option, make sure that you wrap the ring inside a clear plastic bag. This will keep it from turning greasy from cake’s icing. 

Go Hopeless Romantic By Making A Radio Announcement 

This may sound like a little bit too filmy to you, but the idea is very romantic and special if you execute it right. Many radio shows run especially on Valentine’s day. All you need to do is participate in one of them. Begin by following the social media pages of popular RJs. Once you have the information, use it become part of the contest or the show. Lastly, just make sure your special one hears the announcement at the right time. Also, do prepare what you want to say to him which the whole world will be listening to too. 

Prepare A Video Clip

Prepare A Video Clip 

We are living in a technologically advance era, so why not to take full advantage of it! Take the help of your friends and prepare an amazing video. It can carry your love story, pictures of the time you have spent together, etc. Finish it off with a wedding proposal that melts his heart. You can share this clip on social media, and even save it to enjoy later in your life. After all, life is all about memories, the better ones we have, the more we are likely to smile in future! 

Take Your Family Member’s Help 

Marriage is not just about two people in love. In India, it is the union of two families. So, why not involve important people to make the best decision of your life. You can prepare an act to propose (proposal stories of these Bollywood stars), or simply give them placards to hold, while you go down on your knees to ask him to marry you. 

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An Adventurous Proposal For The Fun-Loving Boyfriend

An Adventurous Proposal For The Fun Loving Boyfriend

Not everyone is into flowers or soft toys, some are into adventures. You can't impress them with cliché ideas, and that’s where you need to get innovative. Take him on a paintball adventure and propose him in the arena. You can either give him a card (festive card games), go down on your knees, or paint ‘will you marry me’ with your paint gun on the wall.

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