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    Make Your Diwali Fun With These Card Games

    Diwali should be fun and full of entertainment. If you are wondering how, have a look at some of these card games!
    Updated at - 2020-10-27,13:16 IST
    Festivities  Make Your Diwali Fun With These Card Gamessssssssssss

    Whether it is with your family or friends, these Indian card games will surely be fun and engaging and you might just find them all playing until sunrise. Mind you, Age No Bar!

    Teen Do Paanch (3-2-5)


    • Three players play this game.
    • One player makes 5 hands, the second player has to make 3 hands and the dealer has to make 2 hands.
    • There are 30 cards because out of the 52 cards and 22 are removed. Ace to seven of spades and hearts and ace to eight of clubs and diamonds form the playing 30 cards.
    • Card numbers 2, 3 and 5 are taken out, shuffled and then distributed. Whoever gets the 2 becomes the dealer and has to make 2 hands. The person sitting on his/her right has to make 5 hands. The third player has to make 3 hands. In total, 10 hands are to be made.
    • The player that makes 2 hands in this game will make 3 hands in the next game. Similarly, the player who makes 5 hands in this game will deal and make 2 hands in the next.
    • Each player gets 10 cards. 5 cards are distributed to each player in two rounds. The player who has to make 5 hands declares the trump from those 5 cards. If the player is not comfortable with declaring the trump from those 5 cards, he/she can open a random card from the next 5 cards that he/she would get and that suit becomes the trump for that particular game.
    • The player who has to make 5 hands starts the game. The aim is to make more and more hands.
    • At the end of the game, if a player makes more hands than he or she has the right to pull those many cards from the other 2 players.


    rummy card games


    • Rummy is played with two decks of cards with two Jokers.
    • To win the rummy game a player must pick and discard cards from the two piles. One pile is a closed deck, where a player is unable to see the card that he is picking, while the other is an open deck that is formed by the cards discarded by the players. To win at rummy, the player has to group the cards in 3 and 4 to form one pure sequence, one impure sequence and sets.
    • 10 cards are distributed to each player. 
    • The remaining deck is kept in the middle.
    • 3 sets of cards need to be made. Here, the first set could contain 3 jacks, the second set could contain 3 aces and the third set could contain four consecutive cards of the same suit like 3,4,5,6 of diamonds.
    • Each player can pick a card at a time from the deck in the middle to help complete the sets.
    • If the card picked is useful then the player can add that card to his/her sets and remove a useless one instead and add it to the deck in the middle. 
    • The next player may pick the card thrown by the previous player or may pick a fresh card from the deck. 
    • Whoever makes the 3 sets first wins.

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    • There is no tap on the number of players in this game. 
    • Here, one card is hidden and the rest of the cards are distributed among the players. 
    • The player who starts the game needs to pick one card from the adjacent player's set. 
    • If the player gets a pair of cards, like per se a 2 kings, then he can open those cards and throw them in the middle.
    • The adjacent player would then pick a card from his adjacent player and so on and so forth. 
    • In the end, the player who is left with a card is named the Donkey.

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