Tie and die is a very refreshing and versatile fabric designing style that is also popular in the western parts of India. Tie and dye is a technique that involves permanently colouring fabrics in patterns by tie threads round beads and in different ways. This keeps the colour from entering the parts where the threads are tied but it colours rest of it.  It is quite an interesting design that basically is more abstract and freer. So, dye all your old clothes with this technique and give them a new life by adding different patterns and colours.

So, learn some simple and cool tips and tricks to dye your old T-shirts and don them with great style.

The Traditional Tie-Dye

pattern one

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The first technique in this, involves, tying small and big beads at small distances on the cloth. And then dying it. So, you need beads, a strong thread, and the dye colours. Taking the upper layer of the tee, place a bead and then tie a thread around it very tightly. Dip the t-shirt in the colour mixture and leave it for two minutes then take it out and allow to dry. Once dry, open all the threads and you will notice a very classic pattern on your tee.

Diagonal Design


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Then second technique goes in diagonal lines across the fabric. And you can go in multi colours. For now, we will be talking about a single colour only. So, take your white t-shirt(How to carry an all-white look) and twist it diagonally. Then tie the treads at an equal distance across the length of the twisted shirt.  Now dip the shirt into the dye colours and open its threads after it has completely dried.

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Heart Design

pattern two

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The third technique is also a very cool one, and it helps in creating a heart-shaped pattern on your t-shirt. Before starting the process, fill an empty spray bottle with the dye colour of your choice and you’re good to go. So, start by drawing a heart on your t-shirt, a bleak line with a pencil. Then, take some earbuds and place it on the line, it will take around 20-30 buds. Once you are done placing them right, take the spray bottle and spray over the buds. Let it all dry, and you will now see a very cute pattern on your tee.

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Dual Tone Tie-Dye

pattern four

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The last but not the least, this is another very easy design to create. Although it can be done with one shade you can also use dual shades for this. Now, what you will do is, divide your tee into three equal parts horizontally. And then, using the thread secure the lines. Only remember to tie the thread a little loosely. Now, its turn to dye. So, prepare the colours in two different containers and dip once from the top then from the bottom and hang to dry. Open the threads a cool pattern will embrace your t-shirt.


After the colour dries out from your shirt, use a dye fixer to secure the colours. Just add 2 tablespoons of fixer in a bucket full of water and soak your tee inn that mixture. Then let it dry out again and now the colours won’t fade.

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