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    How To Make A Family Get Together More Engaging And Fun!

    Done with boring family get-togethers! Here are ways to make it fun!
    • Riddhi Kaushik
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    Updated at - 2021-08-09,16:07 IST
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    Family get-togethers can sometimes be very boring. This is probably because of the age gap between the different people at the get-together or the difference in their mindsets. There can be an awkward silence, forceful laughter, or just weird glances here and there. 

    However, family get-togethers are inevitable. At least once a year, all the members of your family will meet up no matter what! God forbid, if you are a host you will be responsible for keeping the party going! 

    In this article, we are going to share with you five simple ways in which you can have fun at the family get-together! 


    Okay, there is no need to torture everyone simultaneously and make it awkward for each and every person at the gathering. Divide the groups into different rooms. Let the adults sit in the hall, you ladies can hang out in the balcony. Send the kids to your kid’s room. Let everyone be in the habitat they feel most comfortable in with people they are most likely to bond with. This way there will be chances that atleast one group will have fun instead of the usual boredom of all! 

    Plan Games

    Instead of sitting and thinking of topics to start conversations with, we suggest you plan games! Who doesn’t like Tambola? Make the youngest child at the gathering read out the numbers while all you adults get ready with your competitive shoes on! Some other games that you can play are Pictionary and Dumb Charades!

    Watch A Movie

    movies at family gatherings

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    No matter what the age is, the one thing that everyone appreciates is a good movie. Pick a movie, preferably a family movie that everyone will enjoy(either by enjoying the plot, or enjoying by making fun of it, depending on the age groups) and sit with popcorn and coffee! While Hum Saath Saath Hai is allowed, we suggest you do not play Baghban as it will get a little tortuous for the children.

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    Do A Karaoke Party

    Who doesn’t bond with music? Turn on the music, let the lyrics show and let the people take turns to sing their favourite songs! You can simply do this by typing karaoke of the song you wish on YouTube and you will get it! This activity will surely make you all laugh your gut out at the pathetic singing skills of one uncle and completely indulge in the on-point melody of another! Overall, it will be an extremely fun experience! 

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    Do A Pot-Luck 

    pot luck for family gatherings

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    Nothing makes people happier than food. By a potluck, we do not mean just the adults will cook something. Even the kids will make dishes(something as simple as bread jam will do too) and set it all up on the table. This way, everyone will be excited to try dishes made by others and be excited for others to taste their own dishes!

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