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    Best Board Games to Play With Family To Make Home Stay Fun Amid Social Distancing

    Staying at home can become fun with a few easy board games. Play it with family members to strengthen bonds amid social distancing. 
    Updated at - 2020-03-20,11:53 IST
    Social Distancing

    As the world is facing the pandemic of novel coronavirus and most of us are staying at home to maintain social distancing, things might get boring at the end of the day. Sticking to smartphones and television sets can make you more stressed with constant feeds popping up about the outbreak. While it is necessary to be updated, connecting with the family the old-fashioned way can turn out to be a great idea to spend some quality time. After all, there has never been a better time to revive your old game boxes to foster fun and have some bonding. Here are the games you can play. 



    The absolute classic game in which the youngest and the oldest in the family can play together. Discovered somewhere back in the year 1931, the game can be played between two, three or four people at a time. All you need to do is make words from the lettered tiles that has different point written on it, the person with maximum score wins at last. You can combine words in horizontal or vertical order on the board. This is the best game to educate kids and learn new spelling and skills. 



    As many find chess extremely difficult to play and understand, probably this is the time you should consider learning. It may take time to master but once you start getting it, there is no turning back. Played between two players, all you need to do is layout a chessboard and decide the white or black team. Arrange the pieces the same way on each side. The second row is filled with pawns and on the first row, there are rooks, knights, bishops, and finally queen, and king. 


    Carrom s

    No matter what, every Indian household has carom boards somewhere in their storerooms. It is time that you get it out and make it help through the process of social distancing. The sound of the striker, the smell of the powder, all you need is that one shot, which can make the queen yours. The game is not tricky at all, and no matter what, people of all ages know how to play this game. 



    Probably the first game that pops in everyone’s mind when they think of playing board games. If you want to keep that business mind of yours active, you definitely must go with playing monopoly at home with family. While the old board was fine, the updated version is even cooler. It has electronic bank machines making it far more interesting in our jaded, technology-driven times.

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    Monopoly is a game that deals with business and trading. You play the game with just one purpose, and that is to get richer and own as much as a property you can. 

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    Chinese Checkers

    Chinese Checker

    Many might not know about this age-old game, but once you understand the basics, it is the most interesting board game ever.  The game is about filling their destination triangle before their fellow participants. The game was invented in Germany and is actually based on an American game called Halma. There can be two to six players in this game. So, if you have a slightly bigger family, this is the board game you should be playing. 









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