Celebrating festivals and following traditions have been a way of living for most humans ever since they have evolved into a more civilized species. These traditions have helped us carry on the legacy of our ancestors who have laid a strong systematic foundation for their future generations, told us what it means to be human, and gave us a better understanding of the purpose of it all.

Let it be any country or culture, everyone on this planet follows these traditions in their own unique way, but one thing is common between them all, which is family. These traditions have allowed us to stay connected to our roots and following such norms has helped us get more closer to our family on a more spiritual level. Here are some fun and amazing family traditions, from across the globe, worth knowing.

Celebrate Your Child's First Day Of School Like The Germans

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In Germany, when a child goes to school for the first time, the family members of that kid have a very fun way of celebrating the occasion.

This celebration is known as Einschulung. Kicking off the school for the first time is a very big deal in Germany, So, the families gift school supplies to their children and the school welcomes their new students with an assembly. Traditionally, the new students are given Schultüten (Large paper cones filled with sweets) as a token of good luck for the beginning of their school journey. 

Feeding Animals On Thai Pongal

In south India, families across all southern states get out of their homes and gather around to feed animals, particularly cows and birds, in order to express their gratitude towards them and mother nature and to feel connected to the roots and the fundamentals of co-existence between different species. This tradition has been followed for ages and people participate in it every year, usually when the Hindu harvest festival of Thai Pongal is just around the corner.

All of the family members, including children and elders feed animals by placing fruits, grains, and various delicacies on banana leaves across different parts of the town and forest. 

Remembering Ancestors - The Japanese Style

Japanese are famous for their festivals and traditions around the globe. But one of these family traditions really stands out from the others, for its intensely magical and spiritual nature.

Traditional Japanese architecture usually includes a small family altar or a room, known as butsudan in Japanese, as a mark of respect for the elders who have passed away. Every year families get together for one day to remember their ancestors by placing their pictures on the family altar, performing rituals, talk about them and also pass their offerings in form of food (a bowl of rice) and flowers. The complete atmosphere and vibe of this tradition are very intense and spiritual. 

Traditional Family Gathering And Sea-Food Lunch On Christmas Day

family traditions

Apart from all kinds of Christmas celebrations taking place in different cultures around the world, Australian families have a very unique way of celebrating the festival. Now, Christmas holidays in Australia fall during the summer season in the country. Families have a tradition to gather in the afternoon hours of Christmas day for a big and delicious feast of seafood. In Sydney, the seafood market opens for a whopping 36 hours straight before Christmas eve to serve pre-cooked seafood to the Australian people. 

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Storytelling, Camping, And Barbeque Dinner - A Magical Family Getaway

family traditions

In Trinidad, Once in a year families visit their elders' home to go out for camping to simply sit around the bonfire for a night full of storytelling and fun. Grandparents often share traditional historical or folk stories about their culture and mythical creatures called jumbies which are often related to supernatural occurrences. After the storytelling session, everyone gathers up for a delicious barbeque dinner, plays games, and has a good time with each other which is rare for families to do otherwise as everyone is committed to their hectic routines. 

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