Upcycling is a great practice. It can help you save a lot of money and recreate some really cool things. It not only makes a perfect time pass but it also improves your concentration and other creative skills. So, here we are with a cool upcycling idea for you to make a DIY table cover by reusing old bedsheets. 

For making this DIY you would be needing a little knowledge of stitching using the sewing machine, therefore if you are not well versed with the operations of the machine, you might want to take someone’s help, who’s good at this.

Select The Bedsheet


First, you need to plan out what kind of table cover you want. Think of the colour tone of the cover and choose from the set of bedsheets that you don't use anymore. Don’t go for very different colours as they could make the table cover look odd. Choose very subtle shades that would complement each other as we will be stitching different pieces of bedsheets together to make the table cover. Further, also make sure that the bedsheets are not very old or dirty because very old bedsheets will get torn easily and dirty ones would spoil the look of your table cover.

Cutting The Bedsheets

Now that you have decided what bed sheets will make your table cover, take the darkest colour bedsheet you have and keep it aside. Then take the rest of the bedsheets and cut 5 inches and 3 inches strips out of them. Use chalk to the make the markings and then cut the strips using scissors but go slow, as the strips should be of the absolutely right measurements. Therefore, take your time to cut the strips accurately and after you’re done, wash them once.

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Making The Border For The Table Mat


Now take the darker bedsheet(How to set up a space themed bedroom) that you kept aside and cut 3.5 inches of strips across its length. This will make the border for our table cover if you don’t have a dark coloured bedsheet then buy a black coloured cotton fabric from the market.  Once you’re done, start placing the strips that you cut earlier, in the pattern you want. At this stage, you should also decide the shape of the table cover.

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Stitching The Pieces Together


Now, except for the border stripes, start joining all the stripes of the bedsheets together. First, place a 5 inches strip, then a 3 inches strip and so on till all your strips are used. Use the common pins to keep them intact at first then start stitching the strips across the length using the sewing machine. Once you are done with joining the strips together, attach the border piece to the table cover. But in case you want a circular table cover, you can cut the table cover in a circle and then attach the border by stitching in a circular pattern. You can also go ahead and use lace for the border or stitch the border in a ruffle pattern.  This is a very cool way to reuse your old bedsheets and even if you don’t have a lot of old bedsheets to spare you can still make this DIY(Diwali DIY projects to try) table cover successfully by putting in a little effort. 

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