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    How To DIY Ring Light At Home

    Want to be a content creator and shoot impeccable self videos/photos? Here's how to make a DIY ring light to solve your problems.
    Published -25 Nov 2020, 07:50 ISTUpdated -16 Dec 2021, 17:30 IST
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    It is the age of content creators. And during this time, everyone has an equal opportunity of succeeding or getting famous. Internet and social media combined together, have the power of capturing millions and billions of people and transforming people from rags to riches. 

    If you are a hobbyist and want to take your hobby to social media in form of photos and videos, you will be able to get the attention and recognition that you want.  But for the right journey to set off, one needs to start with the right tools and in this case, you need a good phone, a small mic depending on what you do, and a ring light.  And, since we know ring lights are super expensive items that not everyone can afford, we are here with a simple fix for you. Check out how to make DIY ring light at home within Rs.250-400. So, take a look at this.

    Here's Everything That You Will Need

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    • Cardboard
    • Sketch pens
    • A compass
    • Butter paper 
    • Aluminum foil 
    • 5 meters led light strips
    • Wires
    • AC- DC Adapter
    • Thermacol sheet(thin and flexible)

    Cutting Out The Ring 

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    The first step towards making a ring light is obviously cutting out the shape. So, on cardboard, make concentric circles of 19 inches and 15 inches, and then using a sharp cutter, cut it out accurately. Then take the thermacol sheet and cut 4 inches broad strips out of it. These strips would be folded in a circle and would act as boundaries to add volume to our light and make it secure. Line the inner circle with this thermacol strip as well as the circumference of the outer circle with the thermacol and stick it with a very strong adhesive glue. 

    The Wiring Part

    ring light

    Moving on to another very important aspect of making this DIY ring light, which is the wiring. All you have to do is take the all you have to do is attach the wire to the input of the adapter, then attach the connections of the light with the outputs of the adapter. Now, take the light strip and peel off to reveal the gummy layer then stick the light strip on the cardboard in several concentric layers. Use at least 5 meters of light strips for the perfectly lit up picture/video.

    Adding Final Touches

    The basic structure of your ring light is ready now! And the next step is to diffuse the harsh light using the butter paper. Direct light falling on your subject of the picture/video may end up burning the image or making it look bad instead of attractive, so you need to add a layer that diffuses the light and makes it less harsh. So, you trace the ring on the butter paper and cut it out. Once that is done, take the butter paper ring that you have cut out and stick it on the ring over the area where you have stuck the lights. Finally, stick the adapter on the back of your ring light(how to make DIY light decor)and connect the wires to light it up! Nothing can stop you from being a cool content creator now.

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    Add A Base

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    If you want to keep the DIY(try DIY acrylic art) ring light in one place then the best way is to hang it. But if you want it to be mobile. Then on the cardboard, trace the curvature of the circle, then add two parallel lines to both the endpoint of the line of curvature and connect the lines together and make two such pieces and join them using thermacol at the base, stick this on the lower portion of the outer ring and there you go!

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