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    Check Out How To Make A DIY Box Card For Gifting

    There is nothing better than a creative compilation of memories for a present. So, learn how to make a DIY explosion box card with us.
    Published -21 Nov 2020, 15:22 ISTUpdated -18 Nov 2021, 19:31 IST
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    What can be better than gifting a box full of memories and sweets to someone you love. Well, we really think that the memories and efforts you put into preparing a gift for someone are priceless and invaluable, and materialistic things can never replace the charm of handmade gifts. 

    So, we thought of sharing with you a cool idea of making  DIY explosion box cards and guiding you on how to go about it. Hence, if there's a birthday coming up in your peers or family, then make this DIY Box card and gift it to them and you will see how happy your loved one would be. Take a look.

    What You Would Need

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    First, decide the theme colours of your card. Go for a dual colour scheme of vibrant and subtle colour and then arrange the following stuff:

    • Two Chart Papers
    • Pictures Of You And Your Loved One
    • Decorative Ribbons, Tapes, Flowers 
    • Miniature Dolls
    • Chocolates And Sweets

    Shaping The Box

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    Begin with drawing a 12X12 inches square on the base coloured chart paper. Then draw a little bigger square on the other chart paper(this will make the lid of the box). Then cut out both the squares and very carefully draw and score 9 equal squares inside the bigger ones, using the scissors. Then draw a heart shape inside the corner squares of the base coloured square. And for the second(larger) square remove 4 squares from all the corners and you will get something like a plus sign. Next, fold the flaps of the lid into halves and stick them together, you will have a rough lid for your explosion box.

    Forming the Flaps Of The Explosion Box

    box card

    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Now its turn to cut of the extra portion above the heart shape and fold the heart from the center towards the inside, once you do that, your box will start feeling better. Now open the box and spread it out. Cut out a smaller heart shape for the 4 hearts and square shapes and stick them over the card,  to add a highlight, leaving out the center square. Now, stick small placards with messages and add smaller flaps with pictures of you and your beloved one. This will make the second layer of the card take a picture of your beloved one and stick it on a small chart paper square. Then Date the pictures if you remember or just name the picture and stick.  Now let's move on to the next step.

    The Third Layer Of The Card

    For the third layer, we will start by adding even smaller flaps on the outer squares and will stick small chocolates(health benefits of chocolates) and candies over them with short one liner messages.  So, make small paper pockets and insert small toffees or candies inside it. Then for the center, take the two miniature dolls and stick them with a strong adhesive. Cover the open corners of the explosion box with ribbon bows and the borders with coloured tapes. And you are almost done. 

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    The Lid Decoration

    box card

    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Now take that lid you prepared earlier, and stick a ribbon over it. Add a small bow in the center like a traditional gift and close your explosion box with this lid. And spray a nice and sweet fragrance(correct way of shopping perfumes) over this gift box card and you will be done! So, make this DIY and serve your loved ones with a plethora of happy memories inside a small explosion box!

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