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    7 Signs That Proves A Friendship Healthy

    Check for these signs if you think your friendship is healthy.
    Published -11 Nov 2021, 14:47 ISTUpdated -11 Nov 2021, 15:12 IST
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    Healthy friendships are supposed to be fun and relaxing. They bring joy in our lives and help us in living a better life. These friends motivate us, support us and converse with us in a way that makes every problem look easier and manageable.

    However, not all friendships are like this and that makes the friendship unhealthy. These friendships rather than making our lives better, makes them more problematic. Therefore, it is important to spot healthy friendships so that we can know what friendships to keep and what to avoid. Here is a list of signs to know if your friendship is healthy.

    1. No Fear Of Judgement

    no judgement

    Healthy friendships are free of judgements and full of support. You should be able to talk about anything and anyone without any fear of judgement. If your friend is constantly judging you for your past mistakes or your past life then it's not good. Always make non-judgemental friends. It's an unwritten rule that you may judge other people's choices together but cannot judge each other in a friendship. :p

    2. Listen To You Before Talking

    If you think your friendship is healthy, look if your friend is giving you enough time to speak before interrupting you to tell their stories. If not, it's not a good sign. Friends are supposed to listen to your points and stories equally as they speak. Listening more from both sides of friendships helps in strengthening a friendship, resolving conflicts, as well as offering support to a friend facing some crisis and these are a sign of healthy friendship.

    3. Not Jealous Of Other Friends

    Good friends do not get jealous if one has more than one friendship. One person can have multiple friendships and that's okay. If your friend understands this thing then it's well and good. They need to understand that nobody is replacing them and if they feel that way and constantly makes you feel guilty about it, then sorry to say, but it's not healthy. 

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    4. You Can Be Truly Unapologetic

    green flag girl friendship

    Are you truly unapologetic, weird and stupid around your friend? If your answer is yes then it's a great sign. This 100% comfort level friendship is the most fun friendship. You can literally do or say anything without feeling embarrassed, judged or awkward. Which is very very healthy.

    5. Not Mean To Other People

    You have to check that your friend is not mean to other people even if they're very nice and sweet to you. Do not forget that a person very nice to you but mean to others is still a mean person in general. Stay alert and remember these mean people can be nice to you today but may turn bad for you in future, maybe over a conflict.

    6. They Keep Tagging You On Memes or Relatable Posts

    memesand posts

    Healthy friendships make sure that even if you're not in constant contact, they keep the connection by sending memes or tagging in relatable posts. It's perfect if these friends understand if you do not reply. They probably know how much of a lazyass you are and keep doing it without any expectations. If you have this person as a friend then it's a good green flag.

    7. More Excited About Your Achievements/ Birthdays

    girl friend bday

    Those gem of a friends who get more excited about your birthdays and your achievements than you yourself are, proves a great and healthy friendship.These are the ones who would always go out of their ways to help you out. It could be to help you out in a conflict, helping in assignments or even for ranting about their troubles.

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    If you've found these positive qualities in your friend, it is awesome! Make sure to get as many such friends as possible.

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