Fun Games To Play With Your Friends On Friendships Day

Want to do something exciting with your friends? Try these games and take your friendship day celebrations a notch higher this time.

Poornima Pandey
friendship day party games

Friends make our lives easy. They are there so that you can share every possible thing with them, they are there so that you can be yourself for real and they are there for you to feel protected and loved. But not everyone is a true friend, a true friend is hard to find but is a person who will love and encourage you till the last breath.

Therefore in order to celebrate the spirit of friendship, ahead of friendships day, we want you to cherish your friendship and celebrate life together with your closest friends by playing these games with your buddies. Therefore, get on a video call or plan a meet-up and enjoy these times together.

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions.

This is a creative questioning game wherein one is supposed to be the answeres who thinks of a subject or an object in his/her mind. The others are the questioners who don’t know what the subject is and have to guess the right answer by asking the answerer questions about the object. The questions could be like ‘Is it alive or dead?’ and further if the questioner guesses the right answer he/she wins. However if after asking 20 questions the right answer hasn’t been guessed then it is the answerer who wins the game.

Find The Pair

Find The Pair

This is basically a card game where the cards are placed upside down, in pairs, and after shuffling well. So, the game starts when a player picks a card and has only one chance per turn to pick the right pair for it. If the player happens to find the pair, he wins one point for each of them. At the end of the game whoever happens to have the maximum points, wins.



A social deduction, Mafia is one of the most famous games in the world. It is super fun to play with friends and you should definitely try it this time. The game revolves around two teams, consisting of the villagers and the mafias. This happens when one person from the group secretively assigns the roles to people and the mafias are supposed to kill the villagers. Every participant has to guess who is the culprit. And the team that is able to guess the mafias or kill the villagers, wins.

Guess The Price

guess the price

Another fun game that is great for a party with friends. All you have to do is divide the group into two equal teams then, one of the teams either physically shows something and asks the other team to guess the price or the same can be done by showing a picture of an object and guess its price. Each correct guess gives you 10 points and the team that scores the most gets the rightly guessed items as a prize.

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Skip The ‘S’

This is also a very cool game that you and your friends would love to play! The game is suitable for playing offline as well as online and each player plays for himself. The game starts with a word and the circle has to go on by speaking related words to the word spoken prior. Only, you have to be sure of not using any word that starts with an ‘S’. Each player has to answer as soon as the person before him/her finishes. If the player says a ‘S’ or takes too much time then he shall be considered out, whoever remains till the end, wins the game!

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So, enjoy these games with your friends and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.