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9 Signs Someone Is Good For Your Mental Health

Are you confused if this person is good for your mental health or not? Here are some ways that can help you in making a decision. 
Published -14 Oct 2021, 17:31 ISTUpdated -14 Oct 2021, 17:45 IST
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A person enters your life and you tend to wonder if they are good for you as well as for your mental well-being. Isn’t it? Every individual has their own emotional baggage and trauma from the past, but how they’ve chosen to deal with it and how they’ve emerged as individuals over time is the thing to focus your time on. 

Deciding if someone is good for your mental health or not, is totally your decision alone. But here are some ways that may help make your process a tad bit easier! 

They Respect Your Personal Boundaries 

Setting boundaries ensures that relationships can be mutually respectful, appropriate, and caring between two individuals. Personal Boundaries are essential because they set the basic guidelines of how you wish to be treated (Are You In An Abusive Relationship?).

You Feel Comfortable And Safe Around Them 

Feeling safe and comfortable with a person is foremost the essential of a survival kit for anybody. Unless you feel safe and comfortable, you are unable to share any part of your life with them easily. Things with them seem difficult. 

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They Support Your Dreams And Uplift You 

Supporting a dream is a huge step towards relationships. Relationships can be of all types, as friends, mother-daughter, colleagues, and so on. Understanding somebody’s perspective in life and trying your best to be a part of their life is a huge step, indeed. 

You Don’t Have To Hide Any Parts Of Yourself 

Anything from the past, or till date, future, or anything at all, you can share absolutely anything with them. They will never judge you like the others. 

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They Encourage You To Grow As A Person 

The encouragement from your loved ones is a little different from the rest, isn’t it? Well, if your person is encouraging you to grow as a person, invest time in yourself (Here’s Why Journaling Is Good For Your Mental Health, Tips For The Beginners) and get to know yourself more than materialistic things, it’s a good sign. 

You Feel Seen, Heard, And Appreciated 

Being with someone can be exhausting and suffocating sometimes. Being heard, appreciated, and seen is the most wonderful feeling in this world. Do you feel it too? 

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They Love Getting To Know You 

As time passes by, things haven’t changed between the two of you. You two still want to explore more about each other as much as you wanted on day 1. 

They Communicate 

They make an effort to call back and text you back. At times, they have even become the first person to call or text. When the ego between two people disappears, they communicate openly and freely. 

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You Can Be Vulnerable Around Them 

Being needy and vulnerable around them doesn’t seem much to ask. They never portray if what you ask is too much to ask for. Being vulnerable is a characteristic every individual exhibits, and it’s completely natural.  

We hope we could give you a major hint with the article. If there’s something we missed, connect with us on our official Instagram. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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