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    7 Signs That Proves You Are In A One Sided Friendship

    Have you ever experienced a one- sided friendship? Check these signs in your friendships to know that.
    Published -19 Oct 2021, 18:20 ISTUpdated -19 Oct 2021, 18:38 IST
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    A one sided friendship is when among 2 friends, one is more dedicated to the relationship while the other one doesn't care much. There are various signs that point towards such one sided friendships. Read on to know the signs.

    1. They Are An Emotional Dumper

    emotional dumper

    If your friend is continually unloading or dumping their emotions as well as their issues on you without regard for how you are feeling, then you might be dealing with a one-sided friendship. Notice if they just launch into long-winded rants about stuff before you even get a chance to say hello. If they do that means they're only concerned about themselves.

    2. Your Conversation Only Revolves Around Them

    Pay attention this time and observe if the only topic of conversation between you two is them or something related to them. If it is then it's a sign. Even if you bring up a topic that is personal to you, they will find a way to turn the conversation back to themselves. It isn't a friendship at all. If it is, it is a toxic one.

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    3. They're Heavy On Criticism

    Look whether they are quick to criticize you when you fail and slow to appreciate you when you succeed. Friends aren't supposed to make you feel horrible all of the time; instead, they should be the ones who celebrate with you on your victories.

    4. Accuse You Of Being Selfish

    This friend may, in addition to ignoring your problems, get upset when you try to talk about yourself, blaming you, calling you selfish, or accusing you of not listening to them. It's not wrong to talk about yourself. And it's certainly not wrong if you're constantly listening to their issues. If this leads to fights, you should not try to resolve the situation; instead, leave it as it is.

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    5. Never Appreciates You

    If they never thank you for your contributions in their life and always expect you to just be there then it's not right. You deserve to be appreciated for every thing you do. If you're not getting that then it's a good decision to walk away.

    6. They Get Jealous

    jealous friend

    One person can have many friends and if your "so called friend" can't handle that then you know what you should be doing. Leave such friendships. You're allowed to hang out with as many other friends as you want.

    7. Display Narcissistic Qualities

    Look out for narcissistic traits and if you find them in your friend then it's a huge sign that this friendship is very toxic.  Some narcissistic qualities to check for include deflecting responsibility, attention-seeking, controlling behavior or manipulation, and a lack of empathy.

    If you have such one-sided friendship then it is wise to end such friendships ASAP for the sake of your mental health. Use this as a reminder to assess which friendships you should be keeping and which one's you should let go of.

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