It's okay if you don't feel like talking to the person on online dating apps. There could be a variety of reasons for this: maybe they don't make you feel comfortable, or you find another person more attractive, or maybe just the vibe doesn't match, and so on. We've all had the feeling that we shouldn't continue the conversation during online dating. However, ghosting someone is not the best course of action in this situation. There are several ways you can end a conversation with someone gracefully. All that is required is a sense of calm and courtesy. 

Explain Them The Reason

The best thing you can do right now is explain the situation to them. It's true, you don't have to explain yourself, but saying something is better than saying nothing at all. You may feel uncomfortable confronting the person, but stopping the conversation without saying anything might be quite difficult for the other person.  Just Imagine the discomfort and frustration of never knowing why you have been ghosted. 

If you're not sure how to express yourself or how to tell someone what you're feeling, here are some ideas to get you started.

If You Think The Conversations Are Pointless

"I had a great time chatting with you and getting to know you a bit. However, I don’t think this is going to go anywhere. I think it is better that we end our conversation here. Take care.”

If You're Not In A Position To Continue The Talk

"Right now, I have a lot going on in my life, and I'm unable to prioritize our relationship."

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If You Found Some Other Person

"It was really fun getting to know you. I’ve met someone else who I think is a good fit and I am moving forward with them. Good luck!"

found someone else

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If Your Values Don't Align

“It's been great to know you, but I don't think our values and ideals are compatible. I hope you understand."

If The Person Makes You Uncomfortable

"I don't want to hear from you again. Please respect my decision."

frustration in online dating

If You Both Are Looking For Different Things

“I think we both are looking for different things so I don’t want to pursue this any further.”

If They Don't Understand Boundaries

"I have stated my boundaries several times, repeatedly and I don't feel like you are respecting them enough. It's best we stop talking."

If you follow these steps, you'll be more likely to have a nice ending to your online date. It will also give you a peaceful feeling. He deserves it if he is decent. Because of this, the other person will not feel bad as a result of your actions. And remember, when it comes to ending things, never give false hope if you aren't sure, only to avoid making the other person feel horrible. This may make him feel better for the time being, but it is not healthy for them in the long run because he may never be able to move on. Do things right and have a healthier mindset.

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