Relationships are lovely and are supposed to bring you happiness. But if it is causing you headaches and stress, it could be a sign that your relationship is becoming toxic. A toxic relationship will not benefit you and will only have a negative impact on your mental health. In your relationship, keep an eye out for these 6 warning flags. If they match then that means you need to take a step and move on from this relationship.

1. Blames You For Their Problems

blames you

If your partner is blaming you for the troubles created by them, then it's a clear sign of a toxic relationship. This toxic problem has a term, 'scapegoating', in which a person  assigns blame or failure to the other person, as to deflect attention or responsibility away from themselves. If you feel this is often happening in your relationship, then it's not good. It can cause you exhaustion, exasperation and pain which is not good for your mental well being.

2. You're Not Comfortable Being Yourself

It's not a good sign if you don't feel more comfortable being yourself in front of your partner. If you find yourself adjusting your speech or behaviour in front of your partner out of fear of being judged or ridiculed, it must be causing you much stress. If you don't feel like your best self in your partner's presence, you have to see if they're purposely putting you down or not. If that is the case, something needs to be addressed.

3. If Mature Communication Is Missing

comm prob

If your partner doesn't communicate with you enough and responds with things like "that's just how I am," or becomes defensive, or makes you feel crazy after hurting your feelings, then your partner is toxic! When someone sincerely cares about someone's feelings, they also respect their personal space. However, if this is not the case in your relationship, it is not healthy for you.

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4. Lack Of Trust

trust issues

A partner is someone for you to rely on, to be vulnerable with, and to have in your corner. But in the absence of trust, these things are not possible. If your partner is not trusting you and doubting you and your decisions constantly, then it's a big sign of toxicity. 

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5. They're Controlling

If your partner keeps controlling you even for simple things like what to dress and what not to wear, what to post on social media and whom to make friends with, and similar things, then that is yet another big toxic sign. In a relationship, one is expected to give the other person the freedom to do anything they want with their lives. A partner can give suggestions, but they cannot make decisions for you.

6. Not On The Same Page

Every toxic relationship does not have to be dramatic or explosive. Toxicity can also be caused by you and your partner not being on the same page. It could be that you want to start a family, but your partner prefers to focus on their work, or it could simply be that one person feels restricted or that their demands are unmet. These things create stress, which can lead to harmful resentment and dysfunction later on.

These are some of many signs that indicate toxicity of your relationship. If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, then you need to rethink. 

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