Getting into a relationship is easy but handling it is quite difficult. Both of you should adjust according to the other and keep an equal balance. If you want your relationship to attain maturity and be an everlasting one, then you have to follow some rules. Read on. 

Both should Not Be Angry At The Same Time

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Anger is a natural human emotion and we understand that you can lose your cool sometimes. However, if your partner is also in an angry mood, then you should stay calm to balance out the situation. If you both will lash out on each other together, then the distance between you will only increase.

Never Bring Past Mistakes

Everyone has a past and no one should be judged for it or reminded of it again and again. If you bring up past mistakes in every argument, this means you still haven't got over it and build up a new trust. 

Never Yell At Each Other Unless The House Is On Fire

For  some people, yelling is the only way of expressing anger. However, this is not a healthy habit and you should get rid of it. Yelling only makes the situation worse. Instead, you both should talk calmly and try to come to a mutual conclusion. 

Accept Your Mistake And Ask For Forgiveness

Anybody can make mistakes and it is totally okay. However, if you have done something wrong, then get ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness. Denying it or justifying your wrongdoing will only make things worse. 

Neglect The Whole World Rather Than Each Other

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World loves to see a circus and you need to remember that nobody cares for you more than your partner. Therefore, listen to your partner before anyone else and trust him. 

Also, your partner should come first for you in every situation. You should take care of your partner's needs before anyone else. 

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Never Go To Sleep With An Argument Unsettled

The worst advice ever is sleep on it. You should never go to sleep with an argument unsettled. This can not only make things worse but can also affect your sleep, thus, affecting your health. Therefore, solve any arguments before you go to sleep. 

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Try To Complement At least Once Everyday To Your Partner

Try to make your partner feel special at every chance you get. Making the other person feel special doesn't always mean elaborate setups. Your partner will feel special with just a simple compliment from you. Therefore, make them feel special everyday by pointing out what you love about them. (how to make married life exciting)

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