Handcrafted artisanal candles symbolise a stylised depiction of light that illuminates the spaces in which the candles are kept. Not only do they lend a quiet sense of beauty that is suitable for a contemporary interior, but candles also add effortless elegance to dinner tables and high-rise dressing tables with mirrors.

By following some simple guidelines Mr. Niraj Johri founder & CEO at Casa Decor, anyone can decorate their home in unique ways using candles.

Candle Stand

stand candle house

A candle stand is not just a block of material on which one can place candles, these are skilfully made items that are designed to grab the eyeballs. Further, they also lend a sense of completeness to an otherwise bland interior. 

Attractive candle stands are available in the market that is generally made using newly forged (and sometimes recycled) metal, wood etc. In fact, metal candle stands can be intricately decorated with depictions of stately birds in an exotic, dreamy garden.  


lantern candle house

Candles encased in a glass lantern are not only meant to highlight an outdoor area, but they also add a touch of sophisticated flair to any space within four walls. By highlighting a vintage look in the interiors, a lantern along with a few candles can add a multidimensional effect that illuminates all corners of a home with brilliant lighting.


Nothing looks more attractive than candles encased in transparent glass. Together they create a rustic mood that is particularly suitable for a bedroom or in the loft areas. In fact, they look stunning when kept near the mirror as it shines like a star.


Candles placed in a row on a dining table lend a romantic touch to a perfect candlelight dinner. One can choose between big or medium-sized candles placed inside stands or directly on the tables. Tables that are created using techniques that exalt different hues and details instil a sense of peace and quiet beauty. To highlight this romanticised version of dinner elsewhere, candles can be also kept on the wooden side table of your living room or bedroom.


bathroom candle house

When candles are used to decorate bathrooms, they make even the smallest of spaces jump out in quiet luxury. To decorate the bathroom, place the candles on a tray with rolled towels, flowers and bath accessories. 

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aroma candle house

Scented candles have been a rage for years now. They come in different shades, shapes, and sizes, offer comfortable aromas that relax the mind and may even function as a decorative piece to add a distinctive touch to any corner in your home.

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Prayer Room

Candles can also be used to decorate prayer rooms as they are already an essential part of many pujas. In India, almost every household has a custom of lighting a diya or candle while performing rituals and ceremonies. Scented candles are not only a good substitute for agarbati, but they can also be used in place of a diya.

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