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    Top Kitchen Designs That Are Popular In 2021

    We have some ideas to take your kitchen a notch higher. Have a look.
    Published -16 Oct 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -16 Oct 2021, 13:39 IST
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    Kitchen is the part of the house where every person spends a lot of time as everyone surely needs food and water. However, we usually don’t put much effort into the design. However, your kitchen also needs some aesthetics in order to look beautiful. This will not only impress your guests but will also motivate you to cook more often instead of ordering in.

    If you are planning to get your kitchen remodeled, then here are some trending kitchen designs for 2021 which you should incorporate.

    Smart Kitchens

    smart trending kitchen designs

    With the ever-changing times, technology is also changing and has made everything easy and accessible. Even our kitchens are changed and the new-age and evolutionary kitchens are in trend. These kitchens have motion detectors along with other latest technological advancements in the kitchen.


    colour trending kitchen designs

    It is time to welcome the colourful kitchens in 2021. Colourful kitchen cabinets, walls, slabs and other areas are quite in trend. You can play around with different colours including, yellow, blue, red, grey and many more. Along with the colours, you can try different patterns and textures.

    While we are talking about the colours, let us inform you that two-toned kitchens are also quite in trend. You can choose among a wide variety of combinations. Try to put a neutral colour with a dark one. Go for matte finish for an elegant look.


    Countertops are an important aspect of every kitchen. Obviously, the evergreen trend of marble countertops is still in but if you want an alternative, then you can go for quartz countertops. It has many benefits as it is not too heavy on the pocket and is long lasting along with being super easy to maintain.


    Since most of us are getting more eco-friendly and are falling in love with nature, the same should be reflected by our kitchens. Add some of your favourite indoor plants and see how aesthetically pleasing it looks. You can either add hanging plants or put them on the countertops.

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    If you are a fan of minimal aesthetics and your kitchens reflect that, then you have got to make something stand out. Here comes in the taps. You can make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing by adding an element of character to it. Go for metallic finish taps or glossy finish taps.

    Hidden Kitchen Appliances

    One of the most popular kitchen design trends in 2021 is hidden kitchen appliances. If you have everything put up on the countertop and in the open, then the space might look messy and cluttered. In order to make your kitchen look neat and clean, you can hide the appliances behind the cabinets. Always remember to have extra storage space in the kitchen and keep everything hidden.

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    light trending kitchen designs

    Lighting in the kitchen is one of the most important elements but is often overlooked. You can play with soft lights, cabinet lights and a lot more. Make sure to add the lights that serve the purpose along with being aesthetically pleasing. 

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