Who doesn’t like living in a house with top notch interiors? Glossy tiles, beautiful chandeliers, classy furniture and what not. However, a lot of times, while we make sure our house is well decorated, we often tend to overlook the décor needs of our bathroom. We forget that what lies behind those doors is also a part of our house, in fact a very important one. So how to decorate your bathroom? What are some do’s and don’ts? What are some ideas that always work with bathroom décor? Contain all your questions, we will make sure to clear all your doubts regarding bathroom décor by the end of this article. 

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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Mirror is an essential when it comes to the bathroom. However, you can jazz up this essential by hanging a good looking, designer mirror. This will bring about a very classy look and change the overall appearance. Make sure you clear the mirror time to time because nothing looks worse than a spot stained mirror. 

Fancy Basin

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Another boring constant that has to be there in a bathroom. This is also used very often so the first thing a person sees when they use your bathroom is probably going to be your washbasin. What is the harm in changing the default one into a fancy looking basin? This will make your bathroom look elite for sure!

Curtain To Hide The Mess

A curtain is an absolute essential to divide the bathing area from the wash basin. This will ensure that the part outside the curtain which includes the wash basin, commode etc stays dry. Moreover, if you keep all your soaps and other toiletries need the shower then it may appear to be a little messy and bring down the over all look of the bathroom. Thus, its better to just divide it with a curtain. 

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Go Green

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First of all, there is no upper limit to the number of plants at home. The more the merrier. However, why is it that while placing plants in your home you miss out on your bathroom? On its own, the bathroom is a very boring place that needs to be kept hygienic and fresh at all times. One way of keeping it fresh is by adding plants. The very look of green plants will make the bathroom look better. You can place indoor plants or even green artificial plants. 

Colour Code

While we always colour coordinate our house, it is also important to have a particular theme for the bathroom. This will not only make the bathroom look bigger but also make it look more sophisticated. If you have chosen the shade of peach, then you can paint one wall peach, leave the rest white. Have light peach curtains, peach flowers(artificial plants) and this way your bathroom will look like a designer lives in the house!

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Do these simple things to make your bathroom look class apart! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!