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Simple Tips To Clean Everything In Your Puja Room

The Puja room is the most divine part of your home but can easily get dirty. So, we are here with some tips to clean everything in your puja room.
Published -14 Jul 2021, 10:07 ISTUpdated -10 Jan 2022, 16:58 IST
clean puja room main

The Puja room is the most divine place in your house that brings you peace and inspiration. Therefore, it is important to keep our puja room clean. However, every item in the puja room gets exposed to so many components such as oil, smoke, flowers, and many more.

These elements can have a lasting impression on the surface of your puja room as well idols and utensils which can get difficult to clean. So, we bring you some of the simplest tips to clean everything in your puja room with simple ingredients found in your kitchen.

Delicate Clothes

There might be several delicate clothes in your puja room either draped on the idols or used on the surface of the space or on the chowki. In order to clean these, don’t put them in a washing machine. Instead, hand wash them with detergent and water. Then, dry them in shade.

Copper Utensils And Idols

copper clean puja room

There can be so many items in your puja room that are made out of copper, however, they can easily start to appear dull and dirty. In order to get their shine back, you need a lemon. Just dab half a slice of lemon in salt and scrub your copper utensils or idols with it.

Vinegar can also work as an alternative for lemon. Just mix the vinegar with some salt and scrub your copper with it. Lastly, just wash these items and pat them dry. You will get your clean utensils and idols.

Brass Utensils And Idols

A puja room is obviously incomplete without brass but also, this can easily get tarnished and develop a greenish layer on it with regular use. However, it isn’t very difficult to clean this. You just need to dab half a slice of lemon in salt and scrub the items clean. Then, rinse the scrubbed items and your items will come out shiny.

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Marble Surfaces

The most exposed part of your puja room is the marble surface. It has to put up with oil spills, heat, and many other things. You just need to mix a bit of lemon juice with some baking powder to get rid of the stains. With this little effort, the marble will be clean and shiny.

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Silver Utensils And Idols

silver clean puja room

Indian households definitely have silver (how to style silver jewellery) items in their puja room but silver can get tarnished easily. Some people think that toothpaste works the best for these but we have an even better trick. Just boil a litre of water and add a tablespoon of baking soda along with a small piece of silver foil. Now, immerse the silverware in this water for about a few seconds. After you take them out, they will be all shiny.

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We should not forget the doors (tips to get rid of wooden door smelling in the rainy season) of the puja room as this is the first thing anyone sees, therefore, they need to be clean and shiny. It is really simple to clean the doors, just dip cotton balls in olive oil and clean out the dust from the doors. This will leave your doors shiny as new.

Your puja room needs to be clean at all times and these simple tricks will surely help you do the same. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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