A fan of florals and botanic decor items? Artificial flowers are the best way to include it in your home decor. Fresh flowers usually last 3-4 days and are very delicate to deal with. On the other hand, artificial flowers not only sustain for long but are also available in different shapes and sizes. Here are some exquisite decor tips which can be used to add some bloom to your room.

Center Table Decor

 flower decor

A quick and easy way to include flowers in home decor is by arranging them on your center table. A bunch of flowers beautifully placed in the center of your living room will instantly amp up the look of the place. You can match the colour of your flowers with curtains, sofa and other decor pieces. 

Welcome Sign

flower decor

A bunch of flowers arranged right beside the front door is the perfect way to welcome the guests. You can either hang a flower wreath or just put a bouquet of flowers in a vase. The best thing about artificial flowers is that they will sustain for a long period of time, as compared to fresh flowers, which spoil within a few days. 

Kitchen Decor

flower decor

Kitchen is that one room in the house which has the least possible decor. If you have a tiny kitchen and don’t have much space to decorate it, then flowers can be your go-to option. Hang a flower bunch by a hook or make a magnetic flower wreath for the fridge. Just a little bit of decor addition will make your kitchen look more pleasing. 

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Wall Hangings 

flower decor

You can also make these easy DIYs wall frames which not only looks aesthetic but also adds a floral vibe to your room. These flower garlands will add the much-needed colour to amp up any dull room. You can choose the shade of your flowers either in contrast or the same colour scheme as your room. 

Workstation Decor

flower decor

A dull and boring work desk can make anyone lethargic. To keep up the energy quotient and remain fresh throughout the day, add some decor pieces around you. You can experiment with flowers by either keeping a flower arrangement on your desk or by decorating the wall in front. 

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Flower Lamps 

flower decor

A combination of florals and fairy lights is all that you need to make this DIY. just find some old bottles of jars and stuff fairy lights in them. Then arrange some artificial flowers of your choice and you are good to go. You can either keep it on a table or just hang in on the wall. It can also be used as a night lamp and would be a perfect piece of decor. 

Flowers And Candles 

flower decor

This floral-candle combo is the perfect piece of decor for festivals and special occasions. Just fill up a decor vessel with water and add artificial flowers in it. You can choose some floating flowers and light up some candles in it. Fresh rose petals can also be used to add a natural fragrance to the room. 

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So, try these easy home decor ideas and add a floral touch to the decor of your house. 

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