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  • Shivanshi Tomer
  • Editorial, 21 Jul 2020, 17:01 IST

7 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home Using Fairy Lights

Want To Decorate Your Room With Something Interesting Which Is On A Budget As Well? Read On To Know About Quirky Décor Ideas Using Fairy Lights. 
  • Shivanshi Tomer
  • Editorial, 21 Jul 2020, 17:01 IST
Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home Using Fairy Lights

Minimalistic home décor when done on your own is not only therapeutic but also helps in updating the look of your home. You need not always invest in big numbers and expensive things to decorate your house. Even a small tweak, such as fairy lights, can help you in giving a much-needed bling to your living space. When it comes to fairy lights décor, there is a plethora of options available at your disposal. Read on to find some interesting décor ideas which you can use to make your home look alluring.

Mirror Outline  

Usually, vanity vans have big light bulbs on the boundary of mirrors to accentuate the lighting effect, assisting the celebrities in getting ready. Well, you don’t need such big lights at home, but a fairy light will do the job and will also decorate your mirror. All you need to do is hang these lights along the boundary of your mirror and stick it to the wall with the help of tape. This will not only provide extra light but will also give your dressing table/mirror a brand new quirky look.  

Jar Lights  

Jar Lights

A super-easy way to make your living room more presentable is by keeping fairy light filled jars on the shelf or side table. Just fill two mason jars with these lights, close the lid, and stack them at any corner of your living room. You can also add other decorative items such as pebbles, feathers to create more effect.  

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Photograph Décor  

If you are a photograph hoarder and love to place them in every corner of your home, this décor idea is ideal for you. All you need to do is cut 10-12 photographs in squares and lay them at equal distances on the string light. Now take some wooden pins and use them to attach these pictures with the light. You can put up this string light in any corner depending on the size of the wall.  

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Cup Lights  

Cup Lights

Another interesting home decor DIY that will help you turn best out of waste is creating cup lights décor. Gather some colourful paper cups and fairy lights. Pin holes in the bottom of the cup and put it in the light bulb. Do this with every cup and secure the bottom with the help of a tape or hot glue. Your paper cup string light is ready for décor. You can also paint on these cups or stick beads or stickers to make it look unique.  

Flameless Fireplace  

If DIYs interest you, then this quirky artwork is for you. You can create a mini flameless fireplace and keep in either on your side table or living room shelf. For this, you just need some small branches, stones, white paint, and fairy light. Paint the branches and stones in white colour. If the colour of your stone is grey or white, you can avoid painting them. Now take a circular cardboard piece and place your fairy lights on it. Now adjust your sticks in a way they are placed in a fireplace. Glue them from the top, such that they form a canopy over the fairy lights. Decorate it with stones and pebbles. Your stunning flameless fireplace is ready.  

Words On Wall 

If you like inspirational posters or words stuck on your walls, then you can give it a twist with this idea. Pick any inspirational word of your choice and use fairy lights to create it on the wall. Twist and turn the fairy light to spell it out and use tape to secure it. This décor is ideal for bedrooms and can be given a personalised touch.  

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Plant Light  

Plant Light

If you have indoor plants, then this décor might come handy. All you need to do is casually wrap your string light around the plant. Make sure you don’t keep the power on for long intervals as the warmth might harm the plant. Green leafy plants along with golden string light will look absolutely stunning.  

Which of these ideas are you planning to work on? Do share your feedback with us on our Facebook page. For more on decor and home interior, stay tuned to HerZindagi


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