Wedding is a very intimate affair and it must be the best day of your life. So, good that if you ever talk about the best days, this day should count in for the top ranks. The good part about all this is that nowadays the number of resources and ways that are available can make it all a bed of roses for us and can do all we want in our wedding functions. The only thing is to know how to go about stuff are done, the right planning and research along with the support of some of your friends can actually help you achieve the target you want.

You do have the option to skip this part by hiring a wedding planner. But here’s what can go wrong. When you’re explaining your way to your planner, the person might not be able to understand that in the best meaning according to you. And that is the reason why we want you to do all the planning for your wedding and make it rock.

Prepare Yourself

wedding planning

You must prepare yourself for all the possibilities, good and bad as planning your wedding can be very overwhelming for you. So, you have to be hard on the core to accept and take over all the challenges that pop in your path. The moment your morale is high, this is when you start your planning for there is much reason why doing by yourself is a great idea. So, take a look.

You Get To Manage The Budget

wedding planning

While hiring a wedding planner or anyone for the task you do have to push your budget limit in order to accommodate the expenses But when you yourself are doing the task, you forget about paying extra money to people and try to stick to how much ever your budget allows. This is a big plus point as you get a lot of space in the budget as you are no more paying extra for things. 

The DIY Possibilities

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It is not to forget how DIY projects have become a fancy plus hearty part of wedding planning. Doing things like the small gifts that you give to your guest or the table decoration stuff, everything is just full of emotions that matter for you. And by doing your own wedding planning you the opportunity to actually indulge in experiences like these.

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You Know Your Style The Best

There is no one who could do justice to your design styles, better than you. You know what's best for you and your wedding which is the reason why you should be the one planning your wedding. When it is you who is organising(the ultimate wedding checklist) the wedding it will become a more private affair as only your people will be involved and this would make you feel loved and happy in every way possible.

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Tips To Plan Your Wedding

wedding planning

Here are some important tips to keep in mind while planning your wedding.

  • Stay super organised, make lists, write down everything and keep everything oraganised in form of tables flow charts, and sheets on your system.
  • Strictly stick to your wedding budget.
  • Set your bridal style from the very beginning.
  • Disclose your plans to your spouse.
  • Keep a master checklist to your rescue
  • Prepare your guest list on your own.
  • Research about everything before doing it. For example, the venue.
  • Book reliable vendors.
  • And that’s pretty much it! Happy Planning!

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