Getting married is no joke and planning a wedding is one tedious task as well. Before I do or seven pheras there is a lot that comes into play and this planning is important so as to not have panic attacks at the last moment. From your clothes to the venue, the photographer, there are so many factors that need to be looked at and arranged accordingly. So here is a wedding plan checklist that we have come up with which will help you out. 

When you get engaged

1. Chart out the budget you are ready to have for your wedding.

2. Start making a guest list for the functions of your wedding.

3. Select two to three different dates when you can get married and hold the different functions. 

4. Start researching for the wedding venue.

12 Months To Get Married


1. Book your photographer well in advance as you cannot presume that the good ones will be free when you need them to be. Sometimes the best photographers that even fit your budget, are booked for a whole year.

wedding wear

2. It is time that you start the hunt for your perfect wedding dress. There are many aspects of a dress that need to be checked out. Including how comfortable will you be, the colour coordination, the material in the weather you will get married, can you sit for long on it, fittings take time so it is best to start now. 

3. Who will be there to help you in the bridal nitty-gritty needs to be sorted out.

4. Once the booking of the photographer is done, finalise your wedding date and venue as per the availability. 

5. Book the hotel you plan on making your out of state guests stay. 

11 Months Before


1. Decor of your mehendi, wedding, reception and whatever functions you plan on having.

2. Set up an appointment with the florist and decide the kind of flowers you need for the venue and how do you plan on keeping them.

3. Book the caterer

10 Months Before

1. Cut down to the final list of the guests you plan on inviting for your wedding functions. You could also divide some of them between mehendi and cocktails and wedding and mehendi or reception and wedding... whatever suits you.

2. Search for the pandit or whoever you want should officiate your wedding. 

3.Choose the music you want for your wedding day, the reception and mehendi and also the cocktails. Test out your playlist and make sure it is flawless and do not forget to make two copies of it and hand it to different people just incase...

9 Months Before

1. By Now your wedding dress jshould be finalised, so make the alterations needed. 

8 Months Before

1. Order the hair accessrioes you need.

2. Order your jewellery

3. Plan and book your honeymoon and relted excursions.

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6 Months Before

wedding invite

1. Print your wedding invitations after the required editing and proofreading. 

2. Do a few run-throughs on your hairstyle and the makeup like a test run. So that we know how effective are the products you will be using and what tweaks you might want to make on your final look. 

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5 Months Before

1. Arrange whatever items need to be rented which includes tables, beddings if need be, the linen and chairs etc. 

2. If you need additional sound equipment for the music to sound perfect then this is the time to arrange them all. 

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4 Months Before

1. If you haven't chosen the groom's attire yet then do so and make the necessary arrangements.

2. Start with the gifting shopping if you want to do that. 

3. Purchase all the bridal accessories you may need including the lingerie and shoes etc.

4. Send out save the date cards.

3 Months Before

wedding night

1. Book the wedding night accommodation

2 Months Before

1. Mail your invitations.

2. Finalise the menu with the caterer and do not forget alcohol as that is rarely included. Make sure you are allowed to bring in your own to the venue or not and then this is the month you buy all the booze 

6 Weeks Before

1. Purchase the wedding rings.

2. Confirm the number of flowers, the exact decor etc that you need.

4 Weeks Before

Finish any DIY projects that you may have started with your blouses etc. 

2 Weeks Before

  1. Get your local marriage license lined up.
  2. Create a wedding day schedule and pass it to the concerned people like the photographer.
  3. Give a final guest headcount to the caterer if you haven't.
  4. Confirm all vendors arrival or delivery times on the wedding day. 


Have a trusted friend or a family member whom you want or think can hand out the final payments or checks to the vendors on the wedding day and help you in wrapping up.

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