Today our topmost priority is our and our family's health which we certainly cannot ignore. This pandemic has taught us many things and one of them is that health should be our first concern. The New Year is less than a month away and the world is looking forward to it with new hopes. But will your health condition be fine? Are there any ailments you must avoid in the new year? Besides coronavirus what else should you beware of? Bhopal's astrologer and palmist Vinod Soni Poddar has listed his predictions for HerZindagi readers as per zodiac signs so scroll down and see what is written in your stars. 


You will get yourself acquainted with exercises and fitness regimes and practice it all in order to keep yourself fit. However, you will have to keep tabs on what you eat and try avoiding food from outside. Be extra careful with your well being between May and June. Consult your doctor without delay if you do not feel well. 


taurus health

You may have a wavering health condition but it will not be serious enough to stress you out. You can easily work on them by making small changes in your lifestyle and quit being lazy. Avoid fried and processed food. You may fall prey to stomach or skin related problems but the right diagnosis will take care of it. 


This year could bring in some challenging health issues for you. This would also require you to use up a lot of your money. However, if you take care of what you eat and how you may be able to avoid them. You may also be prone to some kind of a mishap like an accident so drive very carefully. 


If there has been an ailment that has refused to let you go till now then this year might just be it. However, to lose weight you may have to work extra hard. You may have small health issues so you will have to watch your diet. 


The beginning of the year may not be very good for you healthwise which could affect your mental health. By March although, you feel start getting better. Work-life may distract you from feeling bad about your health. You can take to a fitness regime to enjoy good health in this new year. Pay attention to your diet as you may feel bogged down due to weight issues that can lead to many problems. From next September onwards, pay extra attention to yourself. Do not ignore the signs which indicate you have some respiratory problems. 

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virgo health

You will be fit both physically and mentally at the beginning of the year. However, mid-year you will have to be extra careful about your health. There is a possibility that the ailment could be serious so it best to consult your doctor the moment you feel unwell. If there has been or you have ab idea that the health problem you have been suffering from a long time is serious then this is the year when it needs to be shown and you have to consult your doctor.


libra health

You may have to struggle a lot this year. In case you have any kind of addiction then it is time to work on it this year. Pay attention to your health especially at the beginning of the year. Keep tabs on what you eat. Start practicing yoga and bring changes to your lifestyle for a smooth year. 

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By bringing small changes to your lifestyle you can control many health issues. In mid-year you may contract typhoid, or have kidney stones, liver swelling or catch a fever. But if you get them treated on time, you may have to suffer for a very short span. You have to truly work on your daily habits and lifestyle in this year. Start practicing yoga. 


sagi health

Not just yours, you will have to take care of your entire family's health. If you were suffering from any ailment since last year then this year it may worsen. Pay attention to your eating habits. Don't hide any issue, instead consult your doctor so that you are at peace mentally as well. 

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You will be as fit as a fiddle in the beginning of the year but by the mid, you may have fever and headache or even some respiratory issue. This is when you have to be careful and not ignore the signs. Avoid indulging in food from outside. 


In the midst of 2021, the seasonal changes may bring in small health issues for you. Avoid food from outside as you are prone to stomach disorders. Take a full 7-8 hour sleep daily and make amendments in your daily lifestyle and habits to remain in the pinks of your health. 


pisces health

Your health will be excellent. You will work hard on losing weight. You will bring about some major changes in your lifestyle which will keep you energetic and confident. Try to be less lazy and try meditation. This will help you mentally as well. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi and keep yourself healthy.