Bohemian design is one of the most refreshing styles of home designing. It not only is unconventional but it is also believed to have no set of guidelines defined to decorate a bohemian style home.

And that is why a lot of people love and appreciate this style. Apart from that, this design is very abstract and anyone can do it. So, makeover your rooms with a touch of boho-chic factor this time and add more character and fun to your space effortlessly. Here are some things to do to makeover your room in boho style. Take a look.

Understanding The Bohemian Design Concept


A boho home is designed with maximalism in mind. It is decorated with overboard patterns, design layouts, and abstract concepts since there is absolutely no rule. Further, the furniture that is used in this type of design is also unconventional, you might come across a traditional style seating with a modern style table, etc. This design is known for layers and textures. And, is known to be greatly comfortable, cozy, and relaxing. The colors that are generally used are, fresh shades, whites, browns, etc.

Start By Choosing The Right Colours


As we said there is no designated set of colours that go with the Boho style. But you can either choose white, neutral shade, or pastel shades to highlight the furnishings. White is one of the most versatile shades as it goes well with many different home design styles and therefore you can initially choose a white shade for your room. White is also known to be a peace-inducing colour and so, you must paint your entire room white in the first step.

Add More Textures 


Bohemian style is defined by textures. The more the textures the better the room would look. Go for macrame, and colourful rugs, printed cushion and pillow covers, and bed liners.  Textures accentuate even the simplest of furniture and add more volume and character to your room, plus, they look super cool and attractive. 

Add Large Plants


Large plants fill in the space of your room so beautifully and add to the maximalism appeal of your boho chic room. In addition to that, plants help in purifying the air of the room and subtle out the colourful surroundings with a green colour block. So, the third step is to bring in more plants and take your space towards perfection.

Choosing The Right Furniture


The furniture(how to look after leather furniture) in a room is as important as any other factor in it. In fact, the furniture is the sole factor that characterizes a room. So, for making over your room in a bohemian style. You should either choose earthly colours and materials or go for vibrant and solid shades. For enhancing the look of the furniture, add uniquely designed and carved wooden furniture, for example, one with an old mirror pattern or floral designs.

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Decorate The Walls 


Taking the colours forward to the walls(choose the right wallpaper for your room), decorate them with tasseled wall hangings, or pictures of yourself ad loved one. Install fairy lights and use rustic stuff like thin rope etc. to hang the photos and other objects. And You’ll be done!

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