Pulses or dals are a part of Indian meals every now and then either as comfort food, in a diet or as the supporting dish which we have with rice or roti along with some sabji. If you believe in astrology then make your dal consumption more specific with a certain colour for each day. Here is a day by day list of how and which dal should you have for luck and most importantly health


urad dal

On this day, urad dal without the shell is considered to be very good for health. Also, consumption of arhar dal is said to be very unlucky, on a Monday. Reap the benefits of urad dal which includes improving digestion. Urad dal is rich in fibre, both soluble and insoluble, which is known to improve our digestion. It also helps in protecting our heart, improve our bone health and boost energy. This dal is also great and often recommended for our nervous system.


red dal

Having red coloured food on Tuesdays is considered very lucky as per astrology. Have masoor dal for luck and good health. This even dodges the bad luck that your stars might experience. Masoor dal helps in stabilising blood sugar level, nourishes teeth and bones, helps in maintaining a healthy vision and has amazing anti-ageing properties as well.


moong dal astrology

This is the day when you worship Lord Ganesha and consume food in green colour. Moong dal with shells is considered to be very auspicious and excellent for health. 

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This day is largely dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati, with yellow being a very auspicious colour. Have chana dal for good luck. This is said to be very good for not just your health but wealth as well. 

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This is the day for moong dal with or without shells. It makes your Friday very lucky and pleases all planets.


dal chart

On Saturdays, the god of justice, Shani Dev is worshipped. His favourite colour being black means you have black food items and also wear black clothes. Black urad dal or black masoor dal would be perfect for the day.

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According to astrology, channa or moong dal is perfect for this day and very beneficial for you and good for health as well. Stay away from red coloured food and ginger on Sundays. 

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