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    Check Out These Cute Christmas Themed DIY Projects

    Try these cute Christmas DIY projects with your family and celebrate the small moments of togetherness with joy and compassion.
    Published -26 Nov 2020, 12:07 ISTUpdated -27 Nov 2020, 14:55 IST
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    Christmas is just a month away and we can’t really wait to celebrate the festivities. Celebrating the small joys in our lives with cheerfulness and compassion is the true essence of this magical festival and that is why we thought to suggest you some DIY ideas to try this Christmas while spending time with your family. So, take a look at this.

    DIY Christmas Hoop

    chritmas iy

    To make this cute DIY, you need a thick metal wire, ribbons, artificial green leaves, green coloured streamers with sparkles, green tape, and some other decorative stuff such as paper roses, glitter power etc. Now the first thing you have to do is make a hoop with a 12-13cm radius. Then, use the green tape to wrap the entire wire. Once that is done, take the streamers and wrap it just around the lower arch of the hoop, as shown in the picture. Then pick your leaves and use the glue to attach them to the streamer and make it look fuller.  Finally, use mirrors, beads, and paper roses to decorate the lower part of the Christmas hoop.  Tie the ribbon around the upper arch of the hoop in a bow shape and hang it on your entry door!

    DIY Snow Globe 

    chritmas DIY

    For making this beautiful snow globe you will need, a transparent mason jar, some Christmas toys, glycerin, glitter, and some epoxy glue. Epoxy is a stronger version of glue and is waterproof. Separate the lid of the mason jar and turn it upside down simply create a small Christmas setup with Santa and a Christmas tree and some gifts using the miniature toys, on the inner side of the lid. Now use the epoxy glue to stick them firmly in their places.  Next, fill in glycerin inside the mason jar just below the brink and add white glitter and silver glitter to make it look like snow. Close the lid of the jar, place it upside-down and seal the lid with a strong - transparent tape. Voila! You can also use water instead of glycerin but we suggest you use glycerin to make the Christmas effect long-lasting.

    Gnome Hangers

    chritmas DIY

    These gnome hangers are very easy to make and you can use them for hanging around a garland, or your Christmas tree. For this, you need a cardboard sheet, textured velvet pieces, some wool, and wooden beads. Take the cardboard and draw as many triangles as you want. Using the scissors or a cutter, cut out these triangles and now trace the triangles over the velvet and cut them out too. Stick the velvet over the triangles and make the beards of the gnomes with wool.  So take white coloured wool and wrap it around your fingers in several turns, then cut the loops from the top and bottom and use these small tassels to make the beard of the gnomes. Finally, stick the beads in order to make their noses, etc and you're done.

    Star Twig Light Fixture

    star light

    To make this super cute light fixture DIY(How to make DIY light decor for home), you need to find 5 twigs that are of the same size and are sturdy, then you need a fairy light and a strong adhesive glue.  Take the twigs and arrange them like a star. If you find this confusing then draw the same size star on a sheet of paper and try to match the twigs in order to form the perfect star. Secure the sticks with hot glue. Now take the fairy lights and arrange them around the star. You can also wrap the star with your light alternatively. At last, fix the star on a sturdy base made of thick thermacol or cardboard with hot glue and you're done, just plug in the lights and turn them on.

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    Mason Jar Candle Holder

    chritmas DIY

    For this super easy DIY project, you need a mason jar a red-green chequered pattern fabric(as it gives a christmas-y vibe), a merry Christmas sticker, glitter, and clear glue. Mark the center of the mason jar with tape. Then brush some glue around the lower end and sprinkle glitter all over the glue. Then take the fabric piece and after hemming its edges, tie it around the mason jar in a bow shape place a candle(How to make edible candles) inside it, and light it up. You can decorate the jar differently for keeping it in different areas of your house. 

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