There are some candles that you can burn as well as eat. Yes, you heard that right, you can burn and eat candles at the same time. All you have to do is use edible materials for it. These candles have become a recent trend at birthday parties and events because these candles can be eaten directly along with the cake. The entire candle is made from edible items, even the wick and that is why people find it very interesting and cool.

Let's see some of the reasons why these candles are becoming so trendy and how you can make one for yourself.

The Popularity Of Candles

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Candles are generally considered to be items of decoration, or work well as mood-setters and gifts. People have been using candles since the 1980s as gifts and decor items. And the edible candles were introduced so that people can enjoy a hot chocolate dip and finish the candles along with the cakes. As we said, the candles used along with birthday cakes usually last for a short period of time before we blow them out. And then, once its work is done, it is removed from the cake and is then thrown away or stored to use in the future. Because the wax that drips from the normal candle ends up contaminating it, so, edible candles were introduced. These cause no harm to the cake, rather they add to the beauty and taste of the cake. These candles also ensure lesser wastage.

How Edible Candles Are Made

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Edible candles replace the burning of the normal candles with chocolate and the rest of the candle(how to make candles at home) with biscuits and other such edible items.  This, not only leaves the cake from being ruined but also adds a very unique flavour and taste to the cake to make it even better.  These candles are usually a mix of coconut oil and raw cocoa butter/white chocolate and also have an edible wick. That means you can consume the entire thing without thinking.

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What You Need To Make The Candles

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You will be needing melted white chocolate(how to make white chocolate ganache at home), chocolate mousse, almonds, and some fruits like raspberries. So take a simple disposable glass and fill it with melted white chocolate, add some fruit in between. Make sure to coat the inside of the glass with butter, before pouring in the chocolate, so that it is easy to take it out from the container.  Now freeze the white chocolate inside the freezer and once that is done, slowly take out the glass, you can also use a cutter or a knife to do so. Once the candle is out of the glass, cover it with chocolate mousse and using an almond’s skin make a small wick of the candle and attach it using some melted hot chocolate, let the wick set in the candle then finally, light it up and consume. It’s that easy!

So, make these trendy edible candles and eat them while lighting them up. They are not only super cool but also super delicious. And remember, the next time you have a birthday party, you can surprise your friend s or prank them by eating the candles along with the cake. Lastly, to enhance the appeal of your candles, you can add edible scents to them and then eat them while enjoying a beautiful fragrance!

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