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    Here's A Complete Guide To Designing A Traditional Home

    Here are some important characters that are important for a traditional home. Take a look at them before designing yours.
    Updated at - 2021-01-02,09:50 IST
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    Traditional homes are one of the richest characters and feel. These homes are not only about individuals or a family but they hold a reminisce of the history and culture of the home. And that is why we find these homes decorative marvels and totally full of surprises. 

    Talking about Indian traditional homes, a lot of designers and decorators find them even more intriguing for the kind of work they exhibit. The classic Indian feel in every bit, a taste of diversity and uniqueness in every nook of the house.  Therefore if you are going to plan your home designing soon, then perhaps this guide to making a perfect traditional home may help you.

    Use Motifs, Fabrics And Colours

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    The best way to make your home look super traditional is to add Motifs, fabrics and colours right into the soul of your home. Make sure that the motifs are typical to India along with the use of textiles and handcrafted fabrics and colours.  If you really want your home to speak 'India' use fabrics like khadi, Tassar Silk designed in India, by Indian designers and for Indian homes.

    The Jute Blinds And Swing

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    Covering your window from top to bottom, these blinds are just what you need to add into your home if your traditional home still lacks that rich feel.  These jute blinds are most commonly used in very ancient Indian homes and that is adding them into your would make it super rich and elegant.  Apart from that, In ancient times kings and queens used to rest on the double-seater swing, since then these swings have been modified and used in Indian traditional homes and stand out as one of the most interesting and remarkable features of the place.

    Use Typical Indian Artwork

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    Walls inside modern homes are mostly left empty to make the home feel bigger as a whole.  To fill up these empty walls,  the perfect decor idea would definitely be to add big and hefty paintings that cover up the entire wall. The painting best is of an Indian origin or must display Indian artwork, such as the worli paintings or other such art forms. This can instantly accentuate the feel of your home by making it look super royal, colourful and diverse.

    The Traditional Verandah 

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    If you go down south, you will notice that most of the traditional homes are built with a verandah. The verandah is either used for gardening and other such purposes. Plants kept in the verandah serve as the direct supply of oxygen to the home and the verandah offers an open space(how to make your small flat big) inside your abode.  Other than that, traditional homes are also built with a slanting roof without a terrace but a big back/front yard.

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    The Flooring And Furniture 

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    The flooring inside an Indian traditional home is usually entire brown coloured wood.  But if you don't want that wooden look, you can also choose exquisitely designed tiles for the floor. 

    Tiles also make one of the smartest ways to enhance your Indian home(how to design your home in bohemian style).  Along with that, you might also need to keep in mind the kind of furniture you are using in your home.  Make sure that you use bare wooden furniture with ornamental carving and intricate patterns. This is uniquely part of India's culture and art since a very long time and will make your home look absolutely gorgeous and priceless.

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