The line between plain functional forms and artworks is gradually blurring, as is any fixed notion of interior spaces. The focus now is on experimenting with interior styles that are natural, familiar and that have a bold streak of personality to create a multifaceted and fluid space. Well-designed interiors provide an opportunity for experimentation with various materials, forms and patterns, to create a bold, chic and welcoming space.


The easiest way to make a space look big and stylish is to separate out the extras and organise the existing decor. Investing in good multipurpose furniture helps keep a clean and orderly space, enhances visual appeal and keeps it user-friendly.

Furniture, a highlight in natural materials paired with furnishings made in pottery, macrame, rattan and wicker, add a beautiful and simple charm to space. Existing furniture can be reclaimed through the efficient use of lines, forms, and artwork creating a quaint and luxurious space.

Easy furniture and opaque experimental accessories, in combination with modern biosynthetic and recyclable materials, radiate a cohesive, ultra-modern vibe. Repurposing and reusing existing furniture and accessories give a tremendous possibility of experimentation and a way of adding your personal touch to the décor.

Dressing Table

Old dressers can be restored as vanities for the powder room.

Wall Paint

wall paint

Distressed paint finishes on the same can further enhance the look.



Discarded glassware can be reinvented as glass fixtures. Shutters and old door frames can be considered as substitutes for the headboards and can be repainted and installed on the wall behind the bed. Even architectural details such as corbels can be repurposed to make wall shelves.



Modern ceramic planters and recycled household items such as old ceramics and glass jars can be mixed together to create an interesting plant space. Spacious corner gardens and tall gardens are a quiet and lively attraction, while small juicy and bonsai plants make the space exquisite and delicate.

A vase with fresh flowers, lamps, poufs, ottomans, benches, bean bags, coffee tables and artwork provides a dreamy, attractive, comfortable and comfortable look. Grouping similar objects into groups of three creates a natural symmetry and sense of luxury within the space.

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A combination of different patterns, textures and colors within a space adds depth to the interiors, creating an interesting and distinctive atmosphere. These can be added to natural fabrics such as linen and silk or through upholstery through bamboo mats, woven rugs, wallpaper, photographs, memorabilia and large artworks that are used to feature walls, wall art, statement ceiling finishes and As installations are done.

A wide assortment of forms, colours, textures and patterns make a clean, simple and elegant design with a healthy dose of neutral and wood, colour and highlight accessories.

Funky Handles & Low Budget Interiors


Low budget interiors are all about designing minimalist and impressive details that encourage maximum use and apparent ease of space, without compromising on the overall quality of the strong spatial narratives created. Character hardware finishes such as colorful curls, funky handles, modern door stoppers, quirky locks, etc. help to infuse the personality of the space.

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Mirrors in various shapes and designs can make a small space appear larger, and also make for a whimsical display piece. Foldable furniture in bright colours can be hung on the walls to, maximising the space, and also creating a dynamic wall installation. The stick on the whiteboard can be used for office space instead of traditional hardboard ones, reducing costs and using existing surfaces.

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