The coronavirus cases are on the rise and the spiking numbers are a reminder that we still need to be super cautious and careful about what we are doing and where we are going. Although the lockdown restrictions have been eased by the government to revive the dying economy, we all are in dire need of following strict social distancing guidelines to promote the safety and well-being of everyone. And that is why we need to stay inside our homes while celebrating Diwali and other festivals.

In fact, you might feel better if you celebrate the functions at home, as you can be very creative while planning out these events and they can bring immense joy and laughter in your lives. So, here are a few ideas to draw inspiration from, while celebrating Bhai Dooj this year.

Strictly Stay Home


Avoid going out unnecessarily and try to keep the joy of the festival alive by restricting it inside the walls of your homes. This is the only way to ensure the complete safety of your family.  Try to order stuff online and enjoy doorstep delivery without being subjected to the contraction of the coronavirus. If your brother/sister is travelling, ask them to self-quarantine and follow all safety measures. The festivals are more about happiness and the joy of celebrating them together, so, understand the true essence of the festival and rejoice in the presence of the togetherness of your family.

Treat Your Brother 

We assure you, nothing can diminish the positivity of the festivals. And that is why we want you to realise that your bond grows on the basis of your efforts. So, treat your brother with his favourite meals and prepare something for him. Look up recipes and cook a great meal to enjoy together.  Food is the key to one’s heart. So, impress him by treating him and you might be able to score a great gift from your brother. 

Watch A Movie Together


Well, movies always work and that’s a proven fact. When you’re at home, all you want to do is eat good food while watching something engaging. We suggest you rewatch the movies that you and your brother used to watch together. This would not only help you cherish the beautiful bond you share but will take you down memory lane and will make you relive those funny or happy moments again.

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Decorate Your Home With Old Pictures


Another very cool way to surprise your brother is by decorating your home/room(Home decor during diwali) with some flowers, rangoli and by hanging old pictures from your childhood that will definitely bring a smile to your and your brother’s face. You will be reminded of all the mischiefs that you did together and how much you care for each other now. This will be great for your relationship and will help your bond to get even stronger and better.

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Sanitize Everything You Use

From fruits to vegetables(how to sanitise fruits and vegetables) and all the other stuff must be sanitised and then used. Even if you receive a gift, don’t forget to sanitise it before unwrapping. This extra caution will help you celebrate and enjoy the festivities with full fun and spirit. In addition to that, also keep in mind other factors that affect your safety and security and this is how you can enjoy this beautiful festival with your brother even amidst the coronavirus scare.

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