This unwanted lockdown due to pandemic COVID 19 has been extremely frustrating for people all over the world. Even if we were not the travel lover sorts, the home confinement has driven us to the point where we are dying to travel to any place once it all becomes okay. To vent out our frustrations, we have been using this time to cook special things, try some DIYs, etc. Food has been a major topic of discussion in these 6 months where everyone has been channeling their inner chefs be it a celeb or a commoner like you and me. One food trend that is emerging a lot on Instagram, crossing countries, is a cake which is a reflection of the holidays we have been dreaming of. Called the "island cakes" these amazing edible pieces of art consist of mountains, corals, boats, shells and the blue-green ocean or sea. Take a look at different versions of these cakes with some insight on what are the ingredients involved. 

These cakes are mostly round in shape and look exactly like beachsides with all the details intact. They are made of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and jelly mix. The mountains are chocolate with the base being vanilla, while the ocean is jelly set right. The other ingredients involved are nuts and cookies which make the sand while the shells and corals are ganache. 

Some of these versions also have fruits and edible paint. Clearly it is no easy task but the result is gorgeous!

cake one

image courtesy: wildflowercakedesign

UK's website Insider spoke to a few bakers from different parts of the world, on this new trend and here is what they had to say.

Russia-based baker Anna Filotava, has been making island jelly cakes which have been inspired from her trips to Finland, Thailand Caribbean and French Polynesia in the past. She told the website that "The beauty of this country was really fascinating, and the Phi Phi Islands were the main inspiration," she said. "I wanted people to enjoy the beauty of this (Thailand) place, even if it was a piece of cake."

Anna Filatova, is a pastry chef at Sweet Land Cake in Moscow, Russia. 

Maryam Khan, of New Zealand-based bakery Cakes by MK shared that "When I saw pictures of this new 2020 cake trend emerging I was immediately mesmerised by it and had to try it."

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The oceans made in the cake are made using blue-dyed gelatin, the islands are the actual cake. 

According to the website, to make the cake, you have to first bake a cake like always, give it an island shape and then place a cake ring around it and also a plastic sheet. In the ring, you are supposed to pour the jelly. If you're adding coral and other details, you need to drop them in before the jelly hardens. 

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It sure looks like hard work but certainly worth it for your loved one's birthday. It would make for a very thoughtful gift as well and bring a smile on their faces.

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