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    Bigg Boss OTT Salary: This Contestant Was Charging The Highest Amount Per Week

    For this digital edition of Bigg Boss, celebrity contestants charged a whopping amount per week. 
    Updated at - 2021-09-24,17:49 IST
    bigg boss ott contestant salary ridima pandit neha bhasin shamita shetty

    India's most popular controversial reality show, Bigg Boss recently made its digital debut earlier this year. Bigg Boss OTT made headlines ever since it was announced and now that it is live, we can't keep calm! 

    13 celebrities made it to this digital edition of Bigg Boss. As expected, Bigg Boss OTT managed to hook the audiences with a lot of drama, fights, friendships, and more. The show came to an end recently with Divya Agarwal taking home the Bigg Boss trophy. 

    Divya Agarwal took home a whopping INR 25 Lakhs along with her weekly pay. Do you know celebs charged a lot of amount per week to be on the show? Read on.

    Neha Bhasin

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    Celebrated singer Neha Bhasin became the talk of the town after she stepped inside the Bigg Boss house this season. Her game was appreciated by Bigg Boss followers all across. Neha Bhasin charged INR 2 Lakh weekly for Bigg Boss OTT. 

    Millind Gaba

    Punjabi singer Millind Gaba's fan following has massively increased after he made it to the show. Millind's funny avatar on the show was loved by the audience. Hewas paid  INR 1.75 Lakh per week on Bigg Boss OTT. 

    Akshara Singh

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    Bhojpuri star Akshara Singh made news throughout her journey, especially for her her verbal spat with co-contestant Shamita Shetty. She was seen accusing Shamita Shetty for dominating others on the show. Akshara Singh even went on to say that Shamita Shetty is her mother's age. Akshara Singh charged INR 1.75 Lakh per week. 

    Karan Nath

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    Karan Nath who had a spectacular entry on Bigg Boss OTT emerged as a contestant who didn't really participate in anything. The actor charged INR 1.5 Lakh per week.

    Muskaan Jattana 

    Also known as Moose Jattana, Muskana Jattana made headlines for coming out as a bisexual on Bigg Boss OTT. She charged INR 1.5 Lakh per week.

    Raqesh Bapat

    TV actor Raqesh Bapat actively participated in just everything inside the Bigg Boss house. His chemistry with Shamita Shetty was much talked about. He charged INR 1.2 Lakh per week.

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    Nishant Bhatt

    Choreographer Nishant Bhatt charged INR 1.2 Lakh per week to be on Bigg Boss OTT.

    Pratik Sehajpal

    Ever since Pratik stepped inside the Bigg Boss house, he got into arguements with his co-contestants. Be it Neha Bhasin or Shamita Shetty, he was seen fighting with just everyone. The actor was being paid INR 1 Lakh per week. 

    Divya Agarwal 


    Divya Agarwal's verbal spats with her co-contestants too made headlines. However, she emerged as the winner of the show. She charged INR 2 Lakh per week. 

    Zeeshan Khan

    Zeeshan Khan who was earlier teaming up with Urfi Javed changed his connection and joined Divya Agarwal. His move created a lot of buzz on social media. TV actor Zeeshan Khan was being paid INR 2.5 Lakh per week. 

    Urfi Javed

    Television actress Urfi Javed was the first contestant to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Though she was not nominated, she ended up in the danger zone and got eliminated. She was being paid INR 2.75 Lakh per week. 

    Shamita Shetty

    shamita shetty bigg boss ott salary

    Mohabatein actress Shamita Shetty had a couple emotional breakdowns inside the Bigg Boss house till now. It will surprise you to know that the Bollywood star was being paid INR 3.75 Lakh per week. 

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    Ridhima Pandit 

    ridhima pandit salary

    Bahu Humari Rajnikant fame actress Ridhima Pandit created a lot of buzz initially on the show.

    Seeing her game, it looked like she is going to go a long way. For her stint on the show, Ridhima Pandit was charging a whopping INR 5 Lakh per week as per a report by Jagran English. That makes her the highest-paid contestant on the show.

    Tell us who was your favourite contestant among all these celebrities on the show on our Facebook page and for more updates on Bigg Boss OTT, stay tuned!

    Info Source: Jagran English


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