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Keep These Things In Your Locker To Attract More Money

Finding it difficult to attract money in your life despite working hard each day? Follow these Vastu tips by our expert. 
Published -07 Apr 2022, 10:00 ISTUpdated -07 Apr 2022, 10:07 IST
vastu tips to get more money

We all wish to make a good amount of money through our lives and work really hard to achieve it. However, sometimes, mere hard work doesn't help. There are times when luck is just not in our favour and we are unable to attract money into our lives. 

As per Vastu, keeping some things in your locker can be helpful in attracting more money into your life. We spoke to Vastu expert, Sonia Malik and asked her to share some tips to help us attract more wealth into our homes. Read on. 

Keep New Currency Notes In Your Locker

The expert shared that as per the financial ability, one must keep new currency notes of all denominations inside the locker. You should place at least one note of each denomination or more as per your choice. These notes should never be removed from your locker.

Place A Small Mirror In The Locker

Another easy Vastu tip to attract more money into your home is placing a small mirror inside your locker. Make sure that the mirror is visible to you when you open the locker and it reflects all the items which you have placed in the locker. 

Do Not Place Any Unnecessary Stuff Inside Your Locker

what to keep in locker

There are times when we place a lot of stuff inside our locker which might not be valuable like gold, diamond, or cash. Avoid keeping any unnecessary documents, keys or photographs in the locker.

Keep 7 Cowries In A Red Cloth 

Cowries hold a special meaning in Vastu. As per Vastu, they improve your luck. Cowrie or sea shells are easily available and can be either collected from seashores or bought as souvenirs from places around the sea. 

In a clean red cloth, place 7 cowries and tie. Keep it inside your locker. It will bring you luck (good luck charms) and also prevent your money from being utilised for unnecessary purposes. Also, sea shells or cowries are a symbol of positivity. They bring happiness and prosperity to your life. 

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Place An Idol Of Lord Kuber

lord kuber

For those who don't know, Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and prosperity. Keeping an idol of Lord Kuber in your locker where you place all your valuables like money, and financial documents will help you attract more money. Also, it will help you assure financial stability in life. However, to attract all the blessings of Lord Kuber, make sure your locker is clutter-free.  

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Other Ways To Attract More Money In Life 

Respect Your Money 

Are you someone who is quite careless when it comes to keeping money? There are people who show no respect towards their money and often keep the notes and coins in a bad condition. Start respecting your money. Keep all the notes and coins neatly in your bag or wallet.

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Your Wallet Should Be Clutter-Free

Weekly or monthly, you should clean your wallet and remove any unnecessary stuff from it. A clutter-free wallet will help you attract more money.

Keep A Picture Of Goddess Laxmi In Your Wallet 

Treat your money as Goddess Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is responsible for bringing money into your life. Keep a small picture of Goddess Laxmi in your wallet and it will benefit you in many ways financially.

Be Respectful Towards The Women In The House

Remember that women are considered a form of Goddess Laxmi and not respecting them will lead to a shortage of money in your life. Be respectful towards them because if they are angry, you will never be able to attract money.

We hope these tips help you attract more wealth in your life. For more such Vastu tips, stay tuned to HerZindagi.


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