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    These Good Luck Charms From Hindu Mythology Can Bring In Luck & Prosperity

    Bring home good luck, prosperity and harmony with these lucky charms that are very significant in Hindu mythology. Take a look.
    Updated at - 2021-09-07,16:38 IST
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    According to Hinduism, there are immense blessings bestowed upon the world by mother nature. And everything is spiritually connected to each other in the universe. Our deeds and thoughts alter the energies of different dimensions and that’s how things turn out to be good or bad for us. 

    You might have heard people telling you that if you want something badly, the universe awards you with it. It is true and it does happen. Everything in the universe depends and begins from the seeds of thoughts. If we believe something will happen, the energies are altered and things turn out to be in our favour and vice versa.

    Therefore let us introduce you to some natural substances that, with the help of Tantra (the study of ways or methods of worshiping using certain materials and substances), help you transform and filter all the negative vibrations to positive ones and help you get lucky all the time. Take a look at these lucky charms, that are commonly used in Hindu mythology.

    Black Chirmi Beads

    chirmi beads

    These seeds are considered to be very auspicious in Hinduism. They are grown in the mountains of the Aravali range and are believed to find their own owners. The black chirmi seeds are miraculous and never stay with an unlucky person.

    They are known to ward of evil eyes, negativeness, physical hazards, and all wealth-related problems. Further, these seeds are symbols of Goddess Lakshmi and therefore are generally kept in lockers, purses, wallets and money boxes, etc.

    Sidh Swetark Ganesh


    The root of the shrub called, Ark or Aak, grows into the shape of Hindu idol Ganesha and is considered to be one of the best lucky charms to have. It blesses the person who grows this shrub with the blessings from Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva.

    The shrub is known for bringing in concentration, wisdom, harmony in the family and is also said to remove bad vibrations and negative energies from the house.



    Swastik is a symbolic representation of the two sons of Lord Ganesha(How to make lord Ganesha eco-friendly idols), Shubh and Labh. This symbol is very important for people who follow Hinduism and that is why this is drawn before the beginning of something new.

    It is also often spotted on the main entrances of houses because Swastik can chase away evil with its huge positive vibrations. Swastik increases the concentration power, mental intellect, harmony, and togetherness in the family and also brings wealth and prosperity.

    Horse Shoe

    horse shoe

    Horse shoe is a powerful lucky charm that is installed inside houses to kick the bad luck and diseases out of the house.  In addition to that, the horse shoe ring is a universal lucky charm that is suspended from the horns of the cattle and it used to remove the harmful and evil effects of Saturn.

    Horseshoe Kada is another great lucky charm that is used in Hindu mythology. It is worn to remove the Vish Yoga in someone’s life. 

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    Siyar Singhi 


    Siyar or the Jackal does not have horns, but in place of horns, the animal hair that emerges downward towards which is called Siyar Singhi. The small bunch of hair is considered to bestow good luck(Bring home good luck) and prosperity upon your family and alleviate all the economic problems and other troubles from your family. The siyar singhi is stored in a box with vermillion and it grows on its own.

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    Bring these lucky charms home for good luck and prosperity and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.

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