Ever imaged living in this world without money? Money is one of the most crucial factors in our lives and one cannot survive without it. So if you are struggling with financial problems, then you ought to read through these amazing vastu tips to bring wealth to your home, shared by a renowned consultant of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, Mrs. Shalini A. Gupta. 

Keeping Medicine Is A Big No!

vastu tips for wealth inside

Keeping medicines in your wallet will bring negativity in your life, so it’s better to avoid them. 

Main Entrance Beautification

The main entrance to your house is where the Goddess Lakshmi is supposed to make the entrance. So, keep it clean and decorate it with feng shui symbols of wealth, abundance, and good luck.

Keep Your Home Organized

Make sure you keep your home and office clutter-free. This increases the flow of positive energy in your house. It also increases the harmony between inhabitants of the house and removes any negative energy that may be affecting your family. 

Use Symbols

As per vastu, keeping statues like laughing Buddha, wealth ship, gem trees will bring you wealth and peace.

Plants For Prosperity

vastu tips for wealth plants

Believe it, it's a trap to attract the wealth and make it stay in your home.

Save Water, Save Money

Repair any leaky faucets, runny taps, and other faulty plumbing, as this denotes loss of money.

Let The Sunlight In

vastu tips for wealth sunlight

Keep your windows and mirrors clean and let the sunlight enter in your house. A dark room will only bring negativity in your life.

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Avoid Keeping Food In Purse

Are you one of them who loves to keep chocolate in her wallet? As per vastu, keeping food in your wallet is a sign of financial loss.

So, start following these tips and impress Goddess Lakhsmi. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such articles.