Buying vegetables is a tough task. At times is becomes difficult to figure out the freshness of the batch. There are hundreds of vegetable vendors out there on the road, in your local market but if you don't know how to shop your veggies then no use! But if you learn and understand the art of buying vegetables then you can enjoy the most delicious dishes at your home. 

Fresh veggies are more nutritious and they help you prepare tastier dishes at home. Follow these easy tips to buy your everyday vegetables:

What Is The Best Place To Buy Vegetables?


Do you have a local vegetable market or local sabzi mandi near your home? This is the best place to find fresh vegetables. You get the freshest produce here. The vegetables available here are much fresher than the vegetables with your local vendor. The best time to buy vegetables in the morning because your vendors also get the stock early in the morning. 


Buy potatoes that have a smooth surface. The skin should not have any wrinkles. The skin should not have a green tinge. Check if the skin has any sprouting, if so, avoid buying it. Buy big and firm potatoes


Always pick bright red coloured tomatoes. For cooking the same day, you can pick softer tomatoes but if you will be using it for the week ahead then pick firm tomatoes. 


fresh vegetables

Always buy thick carrots. Never go for the thin ones. The thin ones can't be used in the long run because they end up shrinking in your refrigerator. 


If the tail of the ladyfinger breaks easily then that means it is fresh. Should be firm. Ladyfingers start to have a rubber like skin if they are an old produce. 


Always buy nice yellow colour lemons. Avoid buying green coloured lemons as they are still raw. Bright yellow lemons are juicier. 

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You should buy firm brinjals. Make sure there are no holes as that can indicate worms inside it. 


Cabbage should also be purchased firm. It should have fresh, smooth leaves. Make sure there are no holes on the skin. 


A fresh cauliflower has no marks on it. You can try to check from the outside. This means it is fresh and doesn't have any worms.



Leaves should be fresh. There should not be any holes on the leaves. More holes mean it has been eaten by worms. 

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Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Try not to buy pre-cut or pre-washed vegetables that are usually available at the superstore. It may look like a convenient purchase but you can't guarantee the freshness. 
  • Onions and garlic are two veggies you can buy in bulk but make sure you don't buy other vegetables in a bulk. Get smaller amounts as per your consumption. 
  • Go for seasonal vegetables. Non-seasonable veggies are available at a lot of vendors but buying these may not be a good idea.
  • You can also grow your own vegetables at your home. Growing veggies is very easy now. You can plant coriander or mint at home for fresh produce. 

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Make sure you keep in mind these useful tips, the next time you venture out to buy veggies. 

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