You might be well aware of the growing popularity of wooden cutlery from the past few months. From bowls and spoons to spatulas and cutting boards, wooden utensils are widely being adapted by the people. Wooden  They are not only quality wise better than plastic or steel but also have a list of benefits attached to them. You might be using a stainless steel spatula or ladle to mix your vegetables or lentils. It is high time you switched to a wooden ladle and the following reasons are enough to convince you for the same.  

Won’t Scratch The Utensil 

wooden spatula inside

Is your pot scratched from the bottom because of the constant use of steel spatulas? Switching to a wooden one will help you put an end to this. Wooden spatulas are soft and won’t harm the coating of your utensils even after consistent use. They won’t make as much sound as a metal spatula does when used to mix curry. 

Won’t React With Food 

Wood is an inert material and is absolutely natural. Wooden spatula won’t react with the acid in foods and neither leave a metallic taste in your food, which might happen with aluminium or steel spatula. This will keep your food toxin-free and healthy. Wooden spatulas are also aesthetic to look at and seem much better than steel ones. The artistic design of wood will make your cutlery collection look more beautiful. 

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Won’t Rust Or Get Scratched 

Metal or aluminium ladles can get rusted easily. Steel spatulas also develop scratches after constant use. Wood, on the other hand, won't face any such issue. Several studies have proved that wood has germ-killing properties and will stay bacteria-free. If cared for properly, wooden cookware can sustain for long easily. 

Won’t Conduct Heat 

wooden spatula inside

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Another problem which we face while using metal spatulas is that they get hot when left in the pan. This is because the pot gets hot on flame, which further conducts heat to the metallic spatula. You must never use plastic ladles in hot dishes as they can melt and make the food toxic. This heat conduction won’t happen in case of a wooden spatula. It can be left in the cooking pot for long and will remain cool by withstanding high temperatures. 

Good Grip And Easy To Use 

Metal spatulas can be hard to hold because of its heaviness. The edges can be hard on hand and might become uncomfortable within a short while. On the other hand, wooden spatulas are light as a feather. Its edges are rounded and soft on the hands. You can comfortably use a wooden ladle to stir your curries or mix your veggies. 

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Durable And Environment Friendly 

Wooden utensils can sustain for a long time, as they won’t break easily or catch burn marks. They are highly durable and can scrape off food from the bottom of the pan without causing scratches. There is no doubt in the fact that wood is absolutely natural and environment-friendly. Made with non-toxic materials and being biodegradable in nature, wooden spatula would be the perfect addition to your cookware set. 

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