Cooking is not an easy task; you can master the skill only with practice and experimentation. From burning and overcooking to putting excess salt or undercooking, even the slightest mistake can spoil the taste of your dish. One such problem is, food sticking to the bottom of the pan. When scratched from the bottom, it not only fills the food with a burnt smell but also damages the coating of your pot. In order to prevent such a scenario, follow the given tips and tricks. 

Grease Your Pan Liberally

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Greasing your pan well doesn’t mean you need to add a large quantity of oil. Pour in your regular quantity of oil or ghee and make sure it covers the whole pan. You can use a silicone based brush to spread the oil evenly to all sides. Usually a poorly greased vessel leads to food sticking at the bottom, which is why proper greasing is required before you begin cooking. 

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Tomato Puree 

In your everyday cooking, you might have noticed that after adding tomato puree to your pan, the ingredients seldom stick to the bottom. This is because of the water content in tomatoes which keeps the vegetables away from the surface. Instead of using chopped tomatoes in your food, you can switch to tomato puree to prevent your food from sticking to the pan. 

Change Your Cooking Pot 

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At times old cooking pots can also cause this problem. Since these pots are used in excess, their non-stick coating erodes. It might not be clearly visible to the eyes but can make the food toxic. Buy a good quality non-stick pan, which will easily go on for 5-6 years. Take proper care of your cooking utensils and use silicone or wooden spatula instead of a metallic one. Avoid using old aluminium vessels, as they can harm the food at high temperatures. 

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Water Based Dishes

This trick will help if you are making lentils or dishes which require water at a later stage. Boil the water beforehand and keep it aside. Now prepare your ‘chaunk’ with onions and other spices you usually use. Just stir for a minute or two and add your lentils or vegetables. Now quickly add water and stir everything together. The main motive behind this is to not let the oil in the pan dry up by adding water. 

Keep Stiring 

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Another layman hack to avoid your dish from sticking to the bottom is by stirring it continuously. Avoid using a metallic spatula and stick to a wooden one, especially while using non-stick cookware. Stir your food in equal intervals. Stir for a few seconds and then stir again in a minute or two. This will prevent the food from forming a bond with the base and will naturally avoid sticking. 

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Cook With The Lid On

Apart from Chinese food and dishes which require high flame cooking, prepare all your food items on a low flame. Your flame could range anywhere between low to medium. Usually high flame cooking can make the pot hot enough to make the ingredients stick to the metal. For quicker cooking, keep the lid on. This will help in heat retention, which will facilitate the cooking process. 

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