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    Quick Tips To Keep Atta Dough Fresh For Long

    Want your chapati dough to stay soft and fresh for longer? These 6 tips will help.
    Published -08 Aug 2021, 10:50 ISTUpdated -07 Aug 2021, 14:43 IST
    tips to keep atta whole wheat fresh for longer

    Whole wheat or atta chapatis are a staple all across India. Round and soft rotis are widely consumed with different sabzis and dals. This popular Indian bread is prepared using atta or whole wheat flour, water, and oil. The dough is then flattened using a rolling pin and cooked on an iron tawa.

    While most people manage to prepare soft and fluffy rotis, many others complain that their atta turns hard after a while, leaving them with hard chapatis.

    Well, when it comes to rotis, the wheat flour dough plays a key role. If the dough is not right, you won't ever get soft chapatis. So, here are some quick tips that will help you keep your chapati dough soft for longer.

    1. Add Some Oil 

    While kneading the chapati dough, make sure you add some oil or ghee to the flour. The oil or ghee will help keep the chapatis soft for longer.

    2. Don't Use Too Much Water

    atta kneading tips

    While kneading your chapati dough, make sure you don't add too much water to it or you can end up spoiling it. Always add water in small quantities while kneading. If the dough has got too loose, add some dry flour to it and balance the consistency.

    3. Use Lukewarm Water Or Milk For Kneading

    To make your atta dough softer, use lukewarm water or milk to the dough. Knead for a good 10-15 minutes to get a soft whole wheat dough. Using regular or cold water can make the dough tight and further make it difficult to cook chapatis.

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    4. Use Ghee Or Oil On The Atta Dough

    To prevent the atta dough from getting spoilt, use a thin layer of ghee or oil on the top of it and then refrigerate. Greasing the atta dough will prevent it from turning dry or black. Also, you will get soft and fresh chapatis everytime if you use this tip.

    5. Store In An Air Tight Container

    atta dough for rotis

    Never keep the kneaded dough uncovered in the refrigerator or it will get spoilt. Keep the dough in an air-tight container.

    Because of the presence of wheat germ in the flour, atta has a high spoilage rate. It is thus important to keep it in an air-tight container to store it for longer.

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    6. Cover With A Plastic Wrap Or Aluminium Foil

    Every time you take out the dough for use, place it in an air-tight container and cover it with a plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

    Remember that whole wheat flour or atta has a shelf life of 6 months if stored in tightly sealed plastic containers. However, if it is stored in a regular cabinet, it has a shorter shelf life. A good idea to store whole wheat flour or atta is in a sealed container in the refrigerator or freezer.

    However, many health experts suggest that using the dough for too long can be harmful. After kneading the dough, it is best to use it for cooking immediately. Keeping it for too long can make it attract harmful substances that can have a negative effect on your health.

    It isn't a good idea to knead the dough in bulk if that much quantity isn't consumed in a day. It is best to prepare the dough in smaller quantities as per daily use.

    We hope these tips help you keep your atta or wheat flour dough soft for longer. For more such kitchen tips and tricks, stay tuned! 


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