The world is in agreement with the fact that women can achieve whatever they set their eyes on. And their success is important for the overall development and growth of the world. Women have the power to create and change the systems and inspire generations to come. Women with strong vision and determination can do absolutely anything. And a perfect example of this is none other than Suneeta Reddy.

Suneeta is the managing director of Apollo Hospitals, one of the country’s leading hospital chains and a remarkable businesswoman in the nation. So, let us take a look at her untold story and see how hard work and passion can drive you to accomplish even the most difficult of tasks.

About Suneeta Reddy’s Personal Life


Suneeta Reddy belongs to the founding family of the Apollo hospitals and used to observe her father, Prathap C. Reddy, at work at the hospital since the days of her childhood and that‘s where she is believed to have developed the interest and inclination for health care. Suneeta has three sisters,  Preetha Reddy, Sangita Reddy, and Shobana Kamineni, who all serve the Apollo Hospitals. The hospital was founded by their father in the year 1983 and the family owns 34% of its stake presently.

Suneeta graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, Economics, and Marketing from Stella Maris College in Chennai. Further, she holds a Diploma in Financial Management from the Institute of Financial Management and Research, Chennai, and has also been a part of the Owner / President Management Program at Harvard Business School (HBS), Boston, USA.  Suneeta is married to P. Dwarakanath Reddy and has a daughter called, Sindoori Reddy.

About Her Journey At The Apollo Hospitals


Suneeta Reddy began her journey with Apollo Hospital Group in 1989. Her deep knowledge and sharp foresightedness invited the first foreign direct investment into the healthcare domain in India. Further, Suneeta was also keen on taking the organization to an all-new level by introducing the group into the international equity market. And, it was her sheer hard work and accurate skills that took Apollo Hospitals the pinnacles of success.

Currently, Suneeta is leading the group as the Managing Director. And looks after the corporate strategy, corporate finance, funding, and investments and will be leveraging M&As to achieve objectives of an accelerated pace of growth and in optimizing profitability. And the credit for driving profitability and investments into the Apollo Hospital Group goes to the accurate insights and strong knowledge of Finances that have also engaged medical value travellers to Apollo Hospitals and to the country. 

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Other Achievements


Suneeta is a Director of the Board of Apollo Munich-Re Health Insurance Company Ltd. Not only that, but she is also a member of the Boards of several Apollo Hospitals’ Group companies, the National Committee on Healthcare, and the Harvard Business School India Advisory Board (IAB).  Further, Suneeta serves as the Co-Chairperson of Healthcare Sub Committee – Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). 

It is indeed evident that hard work, with a blend of profound knowledge, can take you to places. And you can surely be someone that people look up(the story of India's first Uber driver) to if you stay grounded with your heads in your work.

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