Staying in an igloo is almost everyone’s childhood fantasy. Living life in the snow-covered mountains, with no concerns of the world, is definitely an exceptionally tempting notion and is perhaps practically not possible for you. Because you have to place your needs before your dreams, that’s how life goes. But don’t worry if you really wish hard enough you might be able to live your dream for a few days. How?

Manali, the high-altitude resort town in the exquisite state of Himachal Pradesh houses several igloos where you can book your stay and experience the life of an Eskimo.  Here’s everything you need to know about igloo flats in Manali.

Igloo Stay In Manali


India’s first igloo stay has been opened in Manali. Vikas and Tashi Dorje made it possible for us to be able to stay inside very comfortable and cosy igloos. Ever since this stay option was started in India, it has been a star attraction. Summer camps have already been a popular trend amongst tourists and travellers. But now since it’s the winter season, it is time for us to camp in the snow-clad mountains with very few resources, inside a cozy igloo. 

How To Book The Igloo Stay


Currently, there are 5 igloos in total and you are required to make the booking at least 15 days before your plan. You can share an igloo with one other individual on a twin sharing basis and the booking charges are Rs.5000/- for one night’s stay. The 5th igloo is the largest of all the igloos and can accommodate 4 people.

Apart from this, there is also a common room that is made at the property for the guests who arrive. They can enjoy the central heating system that keeps the room warm and comfortable. Usually, this room is used by guests to have lunch or dinner.

The Amenities That You Get


Taking a look inside the igloo, you will see a small uplifted platform where you will find your bed, sleeping bags for two, and warm blankets to ward off the cold winter winds. Further, there is an emergency lamp and a light that is electrically connected to the mainline. When the lights are out, you can light up the emergency lamp and enjoy your stay without any hiccups. There are special arrangements for couples and the igloo is romantically(Romantic destinations to propose to your partner) set up at request. The insides, are creatively decorated and they provide a simple yet delightful place to be with your loved one.

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Activities That You Can Do During Your Igloo Stay


To make the igloo stay even more exciting and fun-filled, there are a lot of other activities that you can take up alongside. To take part in snow activities such as, skiing, tube sliding, and sled sliding you will have to chip in Rs. 18,000. But they assure you the best value for money in the activities. Further, your plan would include a bonfire, barbeque, movie session(projection on the snow screen), and other such adventure activities. So, visit the igloos and earn an experience of a lifetime. Trust us, this is the perfect getaway in the times of this pandemic. All you have to do is take necessary precautions on the way and enjoy your escape in the snow-clad mountains of Himachal(Heritage hotels in Himachal).

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