In life some moments bring you joy while others bring situations when anger, anxiousness, sadness, and grief takes you over. People construe anger and stress as damaging, and it can be true when you hold anger for too long. But the spiritual practice of Yoga acts as a great outlet to release anger while not suppressing it. This International Yoga Day 2020, Dr. Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre, says that yoga helps you calm your mind and walk your way through anger. Some of the yogic poses in Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga are known for their de-stressing, anger relief and release of frustration. Doing yoga helps you control your anger and channelize positive out of it.

Understanding Anger To Control It: Svadhyaya

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Svadhaya means to self-study. The first and foremost step to dealing with anger begins with practicing to notice and learn about your feelings of anger. Yoga helps you connect to your own self and reflect back on your patterns and surroundings to think mindfully about situations in life. Yoga empowers you to accept your surroundings and be graceful about it.

Yoga Brings Discipline

Bringing the first two limbs of Yoga -- Yama and Niyama into practice, Yoga helps you connect with your spiritual self. The spiritual awakening is enlightenment which makes you a more content, calm and disciplined person. Anger management gets a lot easier with some asanas of Ashtanga Yoga that add elements of human behaviour.

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Release Anger Through Yogic Poses & Pranayama

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The vivid asanas in yoga stimulate the senses and challenges you to push yourself beyond your limits. These challenges carve out a way to release frustration from your body and create happy hormones. Some pranayama techniques work beautifully to calm the nerves and release the induced tension. Practices like Brahmari, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, etc are great for anger release.

Counters Negative Effects Of Anger

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Anger creates tension in the body. Tight jaw, heavy shoulders, clenched fists, etc are signs that your body is holding a lot of frustration inside. With yogic asanas and stretches, these energies are released and your body feels a lot lighter. It also helps in releasing the tension from the mind to give a sense of calm. Yoga fights with the negative effects of anger to maintain the stability of mind, body, and soul.

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Create Positive Energy To Consume Anger

Yoga creates awareness. It helps you explore the depth of reality. It makes you dig deeper into your own conscience and seek happiness. The active asanas indulge you into creating positive energy around so that you feel a lot more balanced and peaceful. With practices that involve meditation, chanting, mindful breathing – your mind calms and releases good energy around.

Roll out the mat with an intention to create positive energy around to fight through your anger for good. Yogic techniques support you in releasing tension, creating positivity and deal with anger in the best way possible!

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